Let it Snow Buckets...


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Apr 25, 2017

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I’ve been pondering names to name my new conveyance. Like most buckets, it’s white, much like the camper. One could look upon it as a blank canvas; invitingly ready to endeavor to create and explore. You could say it’s racist if you’re so inclined to such behavior, but I’d prefer to be a neutral white with the inner stripe and cognitive dissonance of the grey man, blending into his envionment, unobstrusive, non-obstructive yet powerful in its presence. With all that and considering my fondness for words, not a single damn thing came to mind, except for something “white as Snow“. Although I’m not exactly Germanic, (except for my split Gnome personality) I have always like the German languages. The earlier proto Germanic translation was Snaiwaz which later became Sneo. There were many other‘s like Snjor from the Norse, or Slavonic Snegu, Russian Sneig or in Sanskrit the word for snow was Snihyati which translates to ‘he gets wet’. Seeing how I’m about to move towards a more Northerly climate and being a man of many camouflages, I thought what better color to blend into the northern woods of Idaho. That and many words rhyme with Snow. (No Homoflauge). Since most of us on here only speak English and very little Norse , I’ll just stick to Snow. Unless of course you prefer Falthrip Luungaard...? Say it while belching mead.....

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