New Forum Feature - Lock threads after one year of inactivity.



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Jul 24, 2016

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  2. Talon X
Did you expect anything less? :D

I was just rattling your chain! Absolutely NOTHING negative was meant or implied. Personally, I see nothing wrong with what you do with those situations and posts. In fact, I think they are funny as hell!

It's likely just a vBulletin add-on that will look at the most recent post in each thread and lock it if the post date is greater than the period the admin configured it for. I doubt it will support multiple conditions, such as (LAST_POST >= 365 days AND OP_LAST_LOGIN >= 6 months).

@Remington What Scoop said - :cool:
No harm was intended
And apologies accepted but not needed. All good


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Aug 5, 2020
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Im off a few days taking care personal family matters, come back and shots fired! 🤣😂

Now, you feel the way ya’ll feel. But 99% of the time if you actually read what I respond to and look into it, Its a majority of the time from a newbie. They dont know how (that is fine BTW) to look up/at the OP or the post date or whoever they are responding to (half the time we dont know who they are responding to either🤣)
When they where LAST ON so they probably wont get an answer from them. Every once in a great while someone else has that answer at which is a good thing. What I tell them is to hopefully help them in the future and its not too demean them like im sure butthurt individuals may think Im doing. (Sorry i have no filter🤣) I do like to throw some forum banter in there as well. If im over the line, Im sure A moderator, its happened before but not often will tell me to cool my jets.
But If it makes ya’ll happy I can just let you explain it to these folks.l

As for locking it up after a year? Id say yes if the OP hasn't been on the forum since then.
If they have, stretch it out another 6 months. But that might be too much to monitor. In the end its not my decision anyway.
Always good when the Sheriff comes to town.


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Oct 29, 2023
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I run another site with 20 years of posts.

We lock at 10 years, and send a warning when starting a reply on a thread with no activity for six months or longer.

The nag message has really cut back on the necroposting.

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Apr 25, 2017

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Nope, not really.
I thought I had seen a few ppl complaining of old threads popping back up.

If you don't want it.. then we won't have it.
I can change it to just a "old thread notice" vs locking.
People b****ing about my Other Hobbies thread? Do the threads eat up data? I think notifications are better. Especially if sent to the OP if still active. Never know when someone is away for whatever reason though, so give a decent response time.

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