Pre-Wired Relay Control Switch - INSTRUCTIONS



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Feb 13, 2013
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This is a new item and I need to work on some instructions.
NOTE: I am looking for a simple install video for anyone interested. I will place a bounty of $50 store credit for a completed video.

Thank you for purchasing the Pre-Wired Relay Control Switch Harness.
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This kit simplifies the wiring of an AUX key-off/key-on control switch for your master fuse box relay. Such as a Stinger or Cole Hersee.

The harness comes wired and tagged for easy installation but here we will go over each.
  • Yellow wire - This needs a key-on source. Recommend tying into the ACC circuit. This is the key-on trigger source.
  • Green long wire - This needs a ground. Any frame or battery ground will be fine. Running it to the fuse box ground bus works well.
  • 2 Small post hoops - These go to the small post on the relay. For most relays, the polarity is irrelevant.
  • Red wire with fuse - This goes on the large relay post, battery side. This is our hot constant trigger source.
  • The Rocker Switch - Install it into the housing with the tab matching correctly
Overall, this is very simple but we understand it can be intimidating to many. If you need help please reach out. Even after hours, we will reply via the forum here, text, or email.

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Jul 2, 2022
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This is a really neat addition, which is perfect when you have a dual battery setup with an Aux Fuse block in place. This allows the use of the Aux battery without turning on the engine while still protecting the start battery.

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