Talon Talon X on 6’x10’ trailer


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Sep 11, 2019
Pacific Northwest

Talon X
Here’s a couple pics of my X loaded on my 6’x10’ Alumaweld trailer. It’s a tight fit side to side and front to back, but it fits!! I backed it on to ensure adequate tongue weight, but next time I load it I’m going to load it frontwards and see how it does! I’m sure tongue weight will be nonexistent, but I only have about 30 lbs tongue weight with my RZR 900 loaded frontwards and it tows just fine. Of course the Talon is longer and heavier so it might just be too much i.e. negative tongue weight. It’s kind of a pain trying to back it on but that might just be the way it has to be! With the tires pressed against the front rail I have maybe 2” between the ramp and the front bumper!

FC4C526F-B6D3-49F4-BD85-B775C8456F84.jpeg D42E8052-5065-44CC-B9DE-8E900954E297.jpeg
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Sep 12, 2016
Central Iowa

1000-3 case you missed the last trailer derailed. So.... Before this pops off, are you seeking advice or just wanting everyone to witness your behavior?

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