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Here is the 2017 info...

All 2017 models
  • Seat belt interlock to keep the unit under 15mph if the driver has not buckled the seat belt.
  • New safety torso bars to help keep the passengers seated in case of an accident.
700d-side.jpg 700d-front.jpg
Pioneer 700 Deluxe

  • Electronic Power Steering
  • Paddle Shifters
  • Auto/Manual override like P1k
  • Aluminum wheels
  • New color choices - Matte Silver & Diver Blue! *model dependent
  • New colored shocks.
  • All Pioneer 700's receive new updated fascia with new bumper allowing option to add LED headlights.
Pioneer 500
  • Picks up an Automatic transmission with Auto/Manual switch
  • Dual rate springs
  • New colors - Green
Pioneer 1000 MIA this go around!
  • 2017 model was not announced.
  • On the flip side they did say the next Redline will have the...
For the past 30 years, people have snapped up nearly three million Honda FourTrax models, making it the most successful ATV line in Honda history. Here’s a look at how the FourTrax line evolved to become one of Honda’s most popular family of ATV products in the world.

Police Pioneer
The Police Department for the Villiage of RockDale, Illinois just welcomed a new 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000 (SXS1000-m5) to its fleet of patrol vehicles. Outfitted to help serve the community this new tool will be put to good use helping protect the village and the surrounding community for many years to come.

April 2, 2016: Honda has announced a “STOP SALE” on certain model year 2016 Pioneer 1000 side by sides. It is to repair a potentially defective front door striker on select, affected vehicles. If the front door striker breaks, the door could open unexpectedly.

Effective immediately, Honda dealers can not sell any new or used 2016 Pioneer 1000 (SXS1000) models within a select VIN range (see chart below). Contact your local dealer to find out if your VIN falls in the selected range if you’re planning on purchasing a new Pioneer 1000 and haven’t taken delivery of it yet. Once Honda updates their database, you will be able to enter your VIN# here and find out if your model falls into the affected range. The service bulletin including repair procedure, parts information, as well as warranty claim information, is forthcoming.
Model ID to Model Identification Chart:

  • ...

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Head to Head Drag Race.
Honda Pioneer 1000 VS Polaris Ranger 900xp.
It didn't matter who drove. The Pioneer smoked the xp every time!