P500 Blueberry Build

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Ok HondaSXS... I spent an afternoon putting this slideshow together showcasing Blueberry... I tried to list any accessories up to this point (10/29/2016)... So I'm nearly done with it for the time being. Ready to Ride!!!

This plays best on your phone. Designed for the Vertical screen!

If there's something you see that you'd like to know more... Like where I got it, or how much did it cost... just ask.

The time I've spent has been fun and addictive to build. Now that I'm finishing up, I realize that I'll miss the hours I spent tinkering in the shop or waiting for UPS to show up!

The HondaSxS stickers on Blueberry represent YOU! and the nights on my phone reading various threads, digging through opinions and taking advice on this build. Thanks a ton!!!


Exterior Mods
$ 350 - roof
$ 125 - windshield
$ free - lightbar ($100)
$ 240 - rear toolbox
$ 150 - rear rack
$ 60 - graphics (bear stickers)
$ 250 - floorboard skid
$ 199 - A arm guards
$ 40 - rear lights
$ 30 - spider catcher
$ 10 - little eye lights
$ 40 - rear recver hitch
$ 45 - insulation heat
$ 40 - rear view mirrors
$ 6 - hub covers
$ 45 - tarp cover
$ 15 - LED rollbar interior light
$ 50 - 26" PXT tires on stock rims
$75 - Boss Bluetooth Amp Speakers
$0 - HondaSxS stickers!

Interior Mods
Lights, switches, sound, and stickers

Suspension Mods
Cranked up the read shocks 2 clicks

Wheels and Tires Mods
26" stock Carilse PXT tires

Epic Adventures

I haven't turned it over yet... so that's good!
Also, haven't jumped it yet, either.

Future Plans

Looking forward to Pioneer Takeover 2017 in Ride Royal Blue, TN!!!

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It's got some Bear Stickers on it...

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