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P500 Little Devil

Average User Rating:
  • Something finally clicked in the mind of my 2.5 year old son. After riding around on the Rubicon with me, he suddenly became obsessed like his dad. Now it seems as if everything he says relates in some way to four-wheeling (fo wheewin as he calls it) I took this opportunity to purchase a machine that the two of us could ride together and start building memories. My hope is that the interest in ATV's/SxS's promotes a greater interest in the outdoors in general. I work at a high school and I see a lot of really smart kids that don't know about much beyond their front door. My goal is to expose my kids to as much as I can and support their activities of choice in the best ways I know how. Not only does this help us bond now, but it also increases my chances of being put in a quality nursing home someday.

    Where did the name "little devil" come from? The night I brought it home, he initially named it Mickey because it was red and black and he likes Mickey Mouse. But I also call him my "little devil." So, when riding it around the neighborhood he called it his "little devil." I asked what he liked better, "little devil" or Mickey and he chose little devil. Thank goodness because putting Mickey decals on might have gotten me beat up.

    IMG_20171206_184531625.jpg IMG_20171206_184630777.jpg
  • Exterior Mods:
    KFI 3500 lb winch

    Interior Mods:
    Child Seat

    Drivetrain Mods:

    Suspension Mods:
    None (yet)

    Wheels and Tires Mods:
    26 inch Kenda Bear Claw HTR on stock wheels

  • None Yet
  • Skid plates, Extended vent lines, Cargo box , Light Bar, 2 inch receiver for hitch, half windshield, Shovel/Axe mount, rotopax