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  1. NDavies

    Suspension Upgrade Suggestions?

    Hi, new to the group, I've got a 2016 Pioneer 1000-EPS, used it mostly for farm use over the past 5 years, some simple off road trail runs to some local lakes. Looking to upgrade the stock suspension to handle more heavy higher speed bumps/rocks and some hill climbing/rock crawling. Currently...
  2. A

    P500 Pcm

    Are the 2017 and 2019 pcms interchangeable? Trying to figure out a wiring issue on my 20-7 and want to try my buddy’s 2019 pcm before I change the whole harness
  3. A

    P500 P500 won’t fire

    Hi guys new to the group! My 2017 pioneer 500 won’t fire, no fuel pump and no dash. Put in new fuses, and relays. Tried different battery, different cpu, different ignition switch, cleaned connectors, checked the grounds and I have power going to the pcm. Would appreciate some input! Thanks
  4. A

    P700m4 Need Pioneer 700-4 Winch Wiring help

    Hey all and merry Christmas! I got a super winch for Christmas and need a little advice on wiring it up. It says to wire the red and blue from the winch into the brown wire from the Ignition by the fuse. I have no clue where this wire is, I’ve searched and searched and have no clue. Does anyone...
  5. S

    P1000 What is this for?

    So I’m doing a dual battery install thanks to everyone’s posts here. I have the factory switch plate and my winch was also installed by factory. Now I’m figuring out what needs to go to my second battery and on my main is what I see as a fuse that goes from main pos to main neg. Do I need this...
  6. mjs6789

    P1000m5 Need advice on costly situation. Buy a 1000-5 or? Help!

    Hey guys, looking for your advice, suggestions, ideas for an expensive situation I have gotten myself into. I’ll try to keep it as short as possible, but you need to know the details in order to give me some advice. SITUATION Bought a new 2018 Can-Am Defender Max XT HD10 (their big 6-seater)...
  7. C

    P700 Power Sterring Issue

    Power Sterring Issue. My power steering indicator on the dash keeps flickering on and off. I've noticed that the steering will stiffen up at times as well. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 700-4 delux. New to the form. Thanks guys
  8. B

    Need 3 Youth Helmets for Takeover!

    OK, I am in need of 3 youth helmets before the takeover. Do they not make DOT youth helmets that aren't full face? I am having the hardest time finding half helmets. I did find one site that had them but they were $59.00 each (I need three, that doesn't fit in the budget). Thanks in advance for...
  9. T

    P500 Request: Air Shock Update /Review

    Hey all, I'm hoping to hear some input from the people who have installed air shocks and have significant miles/hours on them. I've read the install threads and initial opinion threads, but looking for guidance from those with a lot of miles/hours on their shocks. I have some questions if any...
  10. J

    5 LED Light Bar installation help and recommendations

    I want to add 5 light bars to my pioneer 1000-5. I would like to have 2 in the front ie roof and bumper and one for each side and rear all controlled by switches. Does anyone have experience with this? Do i need to get a extra battery? Do i need to update the alternator so that it...

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