1. Archer

    P700 Cooling fan kaput

    So as the title says my cooling fan went out on my 2020 700-4 and I would prefer to replace it myself but I'd like to have a good idea what I'm getting into. So for those of you who have dealt with this can you please give me a bit of advice? For instance do I need to remove the radiator...
  2. Herbie

    P1000 Honda radiator Class Action Lawsuit

    I would like to know how many Pioneer 1000 owners have experienced engine overheating problems, like me. Would like to know the conditions when it happens, and any other information of modifications, tire sizes, bumpers, etc. I know there are a few of you out there, especially those that ride in...
  3. Herbie

    P1000 Where to mount coolant temp sensor

    I have only had my ‘16 P1k5 about a year now. Last summer, after my first long mountain trail about 11,000‘ elev, my radiator was overheating. I cleaned, purged air, etc, but didn’t really help. So, I installed a 2nd radiator fan to help push the air thru the stock cooling system. And, on...
  4. Herbie

    P1000 Radiator air flow

    New to Pioneer 1000s and UTVs. But from all I have read about the heat issues with the 1000-5, has it ever been discussed about reversing the factory radiator fan to blow out the front, rather than blowing into the dash and the firewall? I was always told to 'Think outside the box' when...
  5. Mudder

    P500 Radiator overheating sprayer?

    Could have used this at Takeover for overheating. LOL. On sale today.
  6. S

    P1000 Overheating

    I was out plowing snow yesterday, 45 degrees out, and started smelling coolant. Within seconds steam started coming out the front. Stopped, opened the hood and coolant was boiling out of the reservoir bottle. Fan never came on but overheat idiot light came on after the boil. After cool down...
  7. Lantz

    P500 Overheating

    So, I've had my P500 for about 4 months now and have about 550 miles on it. Just before 500 miles it overheated and wouldn't cool back down, the radiator was cold. We worked some air out of it and it ran fine for probably 25-30 miles. The problem continued and got worse so I took it back to...

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