1. S

    P700 Shifter not engaging N, R, P

    Hey everyone, new to the forum. I have a 2022 700-4 (non-deluxe) and when use the shifter lever, to reverse, neutral, or drive, it does not always engage. For example, I am in reverse, I use the lever to put it into drive, it does not go into drive, nor does the dash indicator show drive. What...
  2. C

    P700 Transmission/Shifting Issue

    I have a 2017 Pioneer 2017 700-4 Deluxe. It has about 150 hours on it. It is very difficult to shift between the gears. The shifting lever sticks/is very stiff. The machine also does not seem to know what gear it is in as it shows a dash instead of the “D”. The transmission does not shift out of...
  3. H

    P1000 Hard shifting into park ???

    Hey guys. I have a 2018 1000-5 with only 215 miles. It seems to be getting harder and harder to go from high gear into park. I figure it’s probably some linkage adjustment just not sure if that would be in the front linkage or the rear linkage. Any ideas would help. Thanks
  4. CopenHagen

    P1000 Wind from shifter

    Got my soft doors on today and now all u feel is a pretty significant breeze coming from shifter holes! Got a idea but don't know how to put it in place .I thought about cutting a normal broom head in half facing the two bottoms towards eachother so shifter can slip in-between them easily and...
  5. B

    P1000 Ideas for shifting boots

    Took my dash off. Someone else had the odea, I don't think they got to it though. The amount of duSt and air coming in is crazy. I can't handle it. It's very very very bad. So. Someone brainstorm. I'm thinking about spray foaming holes and really sealing things up. I got a universal boot that...

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