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Apr 29, 2023
Costa Rica

  1. Talon R
Like the title says, I discovered a trick to keep the radiator fan on after key-off, engine shutdown. Totally free, and is on a timer set dependent on engine temperature!

How I found it:
(scroll down to THE FIX: for the short how-to)
I was out riding and started to overheat, to discover my fan wasn’t spinning. After finding there was no power or ground at the fan plug, but all relays and fuses were good, I dug more and started probing more wires with the wire diagram at hand.
Discovered at the FAN RELAY there was no ground on the BLACK/PINK wire. Which comes from the Fan Control Unit.
Turns out, the control unit controls the fan via the ground. My unit went bad… Thus no ground to the relay, nothing to the fan.


I cut the black/pink wire, stripped it. And grounded out the relay. And my fan came to life!! WOOHOO!!!
a way to bypass the fan control unit! Cool!
And it shut off when I shut the key off. SUCCESS!

But wait… THERES MORE!!

So I went riding to test it out. All was running great! I get to my destination, turn the talon off, and the fan keeps running… oh darn. What did I screw up 🙄🤬 so I turned the key back to ON position. (Didn’t start it) and then back to OFF. And the fans stopped.
“Great. No dead battery. I’ll look at it when I get home.”
So I get home. (About an hour ride. Talon at normal op. Temp.) key off, and fans stay running. I start to take the seat out to get access to the relay and such, and all the sudden. The fans stop…
Longer story short, after more testing. I’ve discovered by doing this trick to bypass the fan control unit, the fans now stay on after shut down for 2 minutes!

Pretty cool! And not bad for a free mod!!

Upon further testing, if I just ride the talon across my property, quick 2 min ride, the fans only stay on for about 10 seconds after shut down.
Meaning, The fans are now staying on after shut down, and the length of time they remain on, depends on the engine temp of the talon.

By doing this: It appears my fan runs at only one speed (I think it’s max speed. Either way, it doesn’t adjust speed.) It Only spins at one consistent speed. Which, i don’t really care. Doesnt bother me and isn’t anymore loud than the talon itself. I’m in Costa Rica so it’s very hot anyway. Keep my radiator nice and chilly 🥶

-The fan speed is controlled via its ground, which is controlled by the Fan Control Unit.

-By grounding the relay directly to ground, instead of it receiving its ground from the Fan Control Unit, we bypass the FCU.

-This is a BLACK/PINK wire going from the FCU to a relay.

-By bypassing the FCU, we no longer have fan speed control, but we now have a fan that remains on for a timed period, after key-off engine shutdown.

-You can shut the fan off instantly still if needed, but turning the key back to the ON position, and then back to OFF.

I hope this mod helps some one with a failed FCU in the future. Or just helps someone who’s been wanting to put their fan on a toggle switch.


(Photos were taken day or during testing and figuring things out. I have buttoned all these connections up handsomely since making this edit.)

IMG 7217 IMG 7218 IMG 7224 IMG 7223 IMG 7222
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