P1000 Getting Real


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Jul 21, 2019

Talon X
Nah not a chance. Not everyone is gonna agree on machines and I have no problem with negative reviews. It's the negative reviews of other members' reviews that makes me scratch my head. Who is to say what's real?
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Oct 3, 2016
NWA Arkansas

Very true - the product get made to spec and often the cheep junk you are referring to has reduced specs to hit a target cost but all of that is determined by the company that contracts with the factory. I am in the home category and I will testify not all items of equal retail are specked out equally.
Now, just how would you know that! HA!


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May 18, 2016
Western NC (Hayesville)

Wasn't directed at u.
I think we overlapped. Lol.

Just been several similar post gone haywire past few weeks. Would like to keep this one on track so voices can be heard.

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Man oh man can I ATTEST to that fact!!! Oh yeah, going back to one of the first posts I ever made when I joined and started a thread as a place to keep track of all the negatives for perspective buyers!!!

I STILL think it’s a good idea!!!

There has never been a lack of information on websites and advertisements with a long list of pros. What there has never been is one thread where everybody can go and list complaints and negatives about what they do NOT like about it so anyone looking would have a great resource!

I have to say however, my 3 seater STILL amazes me at its climbing ability and low-end torque, even as its been sitting at the shop for three weeks rebuilding the sub transmission and the mechanic doesn’t really know what caused it, with only 400 miles and 100 hours.

My point however is I am starting to believe there is a world of difference between the two and I have never felt there were ANY performance issues from the get go. Never had a heat problem.

Ok. It’s noisy yes, but I mean, really, who the heck goes 4-wheeling looking for “peace and quiet”? You may go 4-wheeling to get you to the place where there is peace and tranquility, but getting there in quiet is not going to happen. Air Force jets are noisy too...

But my three seater is nothing short of an absolute trail BEAST and I can’t imagine there being any place that I can’t take it, or any complaints I can think of when it comes to ability and performance.

This HAS to be an issue with putting five fat adults in it :)

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