P700 I’m Happy... But....



Apr 10, 2019
kingston springs tn

I ended up putting a “Silent Rider” muffler silencer on. I would say it cut the engine noise inside about 50%. I can actually talk to the passenger now. I think it’s was $250
The Silent Rider looks a little funny from the pictures I have seen. Is it pretty solid when it's installed. The noise is a big deal to me so I would like to have one if its a good investment.


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Feb 19, 2020
West Central Alabama

I'm new to the SXS and on 2-3-20 I purchased a 2020 700 2 standard, just the simple plane jane model. I purchased it for 95% deer and hog hunting and then working around 1600 acres of land. Mostly maintenance on shooting houses, setting and pulling tree stands, hauling seed and fertilizer during planting, hauling corn and minerals for feeders and mineral sites, hauling fire wood and keeping roads cleared.

I do no recreational trail riding other than what's on my property so this machine is perfect. It's a for a work horse. 1st gear is great for pulling and does not shift to 2nd until 13 mph. I rarely get out of 1st gear. As far as power it has plenty, I have several long hills on my land and they are fairly steep and slick. With 700# of corn and 2 people in 4X4 it climbs right up them. No problems at all.

I feel I made the right choice in size as I have only 1 friend that hunts with me and my kids are not planning on having kids anytime soon so no one but me mostly to haul around 99% of the time.

Only con I've found so far is the lack everyone gives it for accessories. All the aftermarket cool stuff it for the 700 4 and 1000s. Us 2 seaters need love to. :)

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