P700 We're happy too, however a couple comments


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Mar 8, 2021
NW Oregon

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Not that many miles on the unit but we've had a chance to put it though a few different situations both on the diverse terrain on our property and the asphalt.

First of all we are thankful to have found a Honda in the first place, they have always been a VERY reliable machine. Debating if I want to sell my 2002 Honda 300 fourtrax, however I could probably sell it for what I paid for it in 2004 or more. It's been a workhorse in so many ways and will miss it.

One thing right off we noticed with the 700 was the turning radius, it seems very wide for it's wheelbase, not as tight as expected. Also the steering ratio seems very high and not very responsive, with that combined with the wide radius make things a little difficult with turning in tight areas. We might have been better off with the 500-520, not sure how they are as well. But the power of the 700 will definitely be utilized.

Also, I sure hope the 3spd with no low range will keep up with the steep hills and pulling a load. I do like how smooth it shifts and how the torque converter can adjust to the the terrain.

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