1. L

    P700 700-4 DIY Roofs & Sunshades

    Wanted to ask the forums what DIY roof's they've made for their 700-4's since the geometry makes for some interesting challenges without paying several hundred dollars for custom molded plastic. I'll start with my own, which is a custom sized 53" x 66" Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh with grommets every...
  2. J

    P1000 DIY Vinyl Enclosure

    Cheap. Hobby Lobby 20 gauge clear vinyl - 40% off coupon - 5 yards - $35. Clamped it in place on top rail and cut slots for mirror, windshield clips, handle and latch. Anchored to front with slots around windshield and pressure from windshield. Wrapped the top around roll bar and used net bolts...
  3. My 19' P1k5

    P1000m5 My 19' P1k5

    It's been a long time coming but finally pulled the triger and got it. Its mostly going to be a family buggy so nothing too extreme riding wise but I would Like to set it up for most trails.
  4. monaco

    P500 DIY Half Windshield

    Thanks to a buddy who had access to a sheet break, we cut and built me a half-windshield. I di have the full Honda windshield and it's hard to see through at times, in the sun and dust. This will be my summer windshield for sure - I like the ability to see over it. So satisfying...
  5. L

    P1000 Power Wiper

    I am thinking of doing this at a later date but wanted to share if anyone is looking for a power wiper option. $35 DIY Windshield Wiper Install - Polaris General 1000 Forum
  6. dnjones161

    P1000m5 DIY Minimalist Mud Flaps: <$50

    I know this has been done before (@GlockMeister and @ohanacreek were the builds that I found while searching), but I wasn't able to find a good "parts list" or detailed instructions, so I tried to keep a record while I was going (back and forth to Menard's to swap fasteners:D). A little...
  7. jay_man81

    1986 FourTrax Restoration

    I know this isn't a Honda side by side, but were it not for these old 4wheelers being the 4fathers of the industry, we might not have the machines we have today. I think it's time to do my due diligence and give my old 200sx the attention it desperately needs. I'll edit in all following vids in...
  8. jay_man81

    Quick Tips

    Hey guys! I'm going to designate this thread for my quick tip vids. I'll add them to this post as I go live with them so they will all be in one place. Don't forget, if you have a quick tip you would like me to share on AMR, then message me and let me know. Panty Hose Pre Filter Ziplock Bags...
  9. G

    P700 Wiring a speaker bar

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Honda Pioneer 700. The bike came with a speaker bar mounted and wired but it is hard wired to the battery. Which means I don't have any way to turn it off with the key unless I take the wire off the battery, or it stays on and the battery dies. Has anybody else...
  10. FastRedneck

    P1000 FastRedneck's DIY build

    I figured since I've already introduced myself in another thread, I'd go ahead and jump right in and start my own build thread as well. As the title states, the goal of this build is for me to do as much of my own fabrication as possible. I'm not a hardcore mudder/offroader like a lot of you...

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