1. CostaRicaTalon

    Oil leaking around this harness… what’s it for??

    Hey all. I’ve noticed some sticky dirt building up right in this area and I have oil leaking from around this harness. My question is what this is for/where is it going inside the case? When I pull on it slightly, it starts backing out of the hole and I’m hoping it’s just some slack in the...
  2. czajkaej

    P1000 Enabled Factory Aux Switches

    It’s hard to quantify this mod, as it allows so much, but it enabled the factory switches that Honda installed which were useless. I found the wiring harness in the store and gave it a shot, and went thru the whole thing in my video showing the electrical paths and all. This allowed me to have a...
  3. W

    20" Lightbar, Installation on ATV and func. only when keyed-on.

    Hi. Bought a lightbar wiring harness to hook up my very first lightbar. It's 160W Lightbar and wanting to install on my Honda fourwheeler. Anyone who has knowledge of the process, would really appreciate if I can have your guidance. Basically, I want to only have the lightbar functional when...
  4. bdpickett

    P1000m5 Seatbelt Harness Bypass

    This is my fist posting here. I just bought a used 2016 1000-5. The previous owner had harnesses installed in the front, but these were ratty, so I replaced them with OEM 3-point front seat belts. I assume that there should be a harness bypass installed somewhere; where would I find that?
  5. J

    Honda Talon 1000R 120miles

    Honda Talon R w/ Tusk Terrabite Kevlar 32’s thoughts after 120miles: First, let me say this machine is amazing and tons of fun. I mainly ride tight fast trails in Arkansas. I have a Can-Am Renegade XXC 1000R, so this has been a little adjustment but def fun. I have added 15in tusk Wasatch...
  6. SundayRdr

    Multi 4/5 point Harness help and suggestions

    Ok guys I just received my 4/5 point harness's for the front seats on my 700. So I'm looking for the do's and donts from yalls experience. Pictures would be helpful. I have a general idea of what I plan on doing but always open to suggestions.
  7. Moses

    P1000 NEW!! Honda Pioneer 1000-5 1 Piece Bolt On Harness Bars

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5 / 1000-3 One Piece Harness Bars They are constructed from 1.50”x.095” Wall DOM Steel tube There are 2 bends on each end. One for elevation and one for head rest bar clearance. 45MM 4 Bolt Clamps Machined in House 100% made in the USA Powder Coated Black (attached...
  8. DK54

    P500 Accessory harness splitter

    Has anyone seen an #accessory harness splitter. I bought some speakers to hook up to my P500 but it will plug directly into the accessory harness which will take up all the accessories I can hook up to it. The winch also needs to be plugged into the accessory harness so I don't know what to do...