Honda Talon 1000R 120miles


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Apr 14, 2019

  1. Talon R
Honda Talon R w/ Tusk Terrabite Kevlar 32’s thoughts after 120miles:

First, let me say this machine is amazing and tons of fun. I mainly ride tight fast trails in Arkansas. I have a Can-Am Renegade XXC 1000R, so this has been a little adjustment but def fun.

I have added 15in tusk Wasatch Beadlock wheels with tusk terabyte kevlar 32’s, Superatv windshield, and a tusk 5 point harnesses.

Future Upgrades:

Alba ECU Tune

Honda front & rear bumpers

underbody protection




Suspension tuning


Trail riding the R:

The R is extremely quick. It does not come off fast like my Renegade but builds speed in a linear way. This makes it manageable in tight trails. In low gear, the throttle is overly sensitive and made climbing/going slow a challenge. I found in low with i-4wd engage the clutch engagement was even more sensitive. I have learned with time, to feather it and once engaged how to keep it engaged. Once I learned this its moving smoothly plus it stopped a lot of the bucking. In stock form, the Talon went everywhere needed but a few spots we would bottom out and require i-4wd to get us through with momentum. The ground clearance is great but in a few spots need just a little more. In low gear, the Talon w/ 32’s felt the same as stock.

Descending in the Talon is a cake walk. Throw it in low plus 4wd... We can call it hill descent control. It’s too easy. I have found that I don’t need brakes at all on downhills of any angle. The wider stance helps with this too. Off camber descents on my Renegade would get sketchy and the Talon seems to not break a sweat. Apples to oranges but it does make me feel braver.

Climbing in the Talon is about the same as descending. When I use i-4wd it makes moles out of mountains. I have a love/hate for it. It doesn’t have to work hard to accomplish the goal. I like the challenge of trying something that takes skilled driving as much as it takes the right machine. That Talon makes it all easy. It’s a great problem to have. Eventually, I will find some places that will challenge me and the talon more.

In high gear, this thing moves! It rips through gears and is buttery smooth. I found unless I am climbing a large hill or just riding slower than 15mph, keep it in high and it runs great. After 120 miles it seems this formula works great for trail riding. In high gear, I can fell the difference with the 32’s. 1st, 2nd and 3rd all felt the same as stock but once you're in 4th it seems like it takes longer to get to shift point. The Terrabite 32’s def weigh more than the stocks and you can feel it through those last few gears. With the stock tires I have had it to 75mph GPS and with the 32s seems to be I get to about 69mph GPS. Maybe I could get more but sure didn’t feel like it that day. Soon as Alba racing releases their ECU tune I will be 1st in line to see if I can get some power back.

Turning radius wasn’t as bad as I expected from reading some reviews. In tight trails, I only had to make a few 3 point turns. If I had any type of speed I could use the throttle to move the backend where I needed. The pedal is instantly responsive so inputs can be a precise as your big toe allows. The sitting position I didn’t like at first but I have grown to like it more and more. I added 1.5in spacers to raise my eye level up just a bit. I am 6’1 and really like to see over the front end as much as possible. This is probably my favorite upgrade as the little bump gives me a little more confidence in tight areas.

The suspension was great for the most part. I started off with all 4 corners in soft (1), then moved to all 4 in med(2). I settled with fronts med(2) and rears (1). This set up has been best so far for my riding style. The front goes exactly where I point it and the rear stays connected. With the rears in the med setting I would pick up speed and the rear end would get all out of sorts. In med I couldn’t take jumps at speed either due to the rear end would push back and have the azz high in the air. In the soft setting, it would level out and keep me comfortable on 90% of jumps. Climbing in soft the rear seemed to stay planted more as well. The one issue I have with soft is the body roll in high-speed corners. I could feel the weight transfer and the body roll shortly after. Never felt like it was going to tip but also didn’t give me the confidence of med settings. Maybe a better sway bar could help with these issues not sure.

The Terrabites with the Wasatch Beadlocks are great. They are a 5+2 rim so in the rear a 2in spacer will even you out. I like to hit trails as fast as possible and they allow me to do it. In hard pack trails, they hook up great. I run them in 2wd mainly. Up hills, down hills off camber riding they just grip and go. So far with the TB’s installed I have only needed 4wd through mud and extremely loose uphills. If I have any momentum I can keep it in 2wd and usually make it right up. In some deep ruts, with rocks to the side, I have pushed the sidewalls up against the edge to climb out and so far they just work. Very little wheel spin they just climb. I am currently running them at 12psi at all corners and it has felt great other than on high-speed gravel or pavement. On these surfaces, they get a little sketchy. I am going to have them balanced and then try them at 16psi which I believe what the R is recommended. The last trail I blazed at Mack’s Pine I didn’t avoid a single large rock or tree stump and the TB’s handled it no problem. I took a few rock gardens at above 35mph with my foot in it with confidence. If you're a rowdy driver these are the tires for you. I have put holes in my bighorns, cryptids, the stock Maxxis and a few others but by far these are the best for my style. Is there better tires out there than these I imagine yes but for me, these are the best. I will buy again 100% for sure. The main complaint I have is they aren’t a true 32 but I can live with that.

What I would like to see for updates to this machine is:

Multistage power steering like the can am.

I like a slightly heavy weighted steering at speed. Talon is too light for me. Not bad but could be better depending on your driving style

Eco /trail/sport modes and allow all modes for hi and low. Each mode could change throttle sensitivity and shift points. Possibly unlock the rear end.

Change the display - it gets washed out in the sun or just dusty conditions

Better adjustability from the factory on shocks and stronger sway bar.

Rear storage compartment needs better holes to let mud and water out.

Sorry, so long just my thoughts on the Talon!

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