P500 40 A Fuse Blowing - 140 miles into my new p500 - help!


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Oct 7, 2015
Hey all,

Just bought a pretty yellow p500 last month. Put the first 82 or so miles on it with no issues. Took it into the shop to have a Warn winch and plow installed at the same time as the first service, then took my new toy out for the Utah elk hunt. Well, about 2 hours (another 40 miles or so) of riding in (reasonable riding, not much/any water other than shallow puddles, no crazy terrain), I pop the machine into 4WD for the first time to chug up the one steep hill in L gear. I stop the machine at the top, won't start again. 40A fuse is blown. I'm pissed at this point, but at least I have a backup fuse and it's new, it's a honda, I should be fine, right?

Wrong. Next morning, 5 AM, riding through freezing cold in the dark to get to our spot, about 30 minutes into the ride, the headlights cut out and my power is gone. I can't shift until speed gets to about 8 MPH, then I can get down to 2 gear and get going again, lights at about 75% power...until power and lights cut out again every 3 minutes or so, go through the same routine. I limp it back down to the cabin, sure enough the 40 A fuse is blown again and it won't start.

I just took it to the dealer who sold the machine to me and installed the winch, and they are telling me today that the machine is running fine once the fuse was replaced and that they can't find any problems with it. So now I'm screwed out of a year of elk hunting, and I have a brand new p500 that I can't trust to run for more than an hour or two at a time before leaving me dead in the woods. I'm hoping they can find and fix the issue by tomorrow night so I can head back up and get my first elk.

Any of you p500 experts have any advice for me? I really want to love this thing again.

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