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May 16, 2016
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Hello everyone. I know there are various threads about this, but I need a little help and clarification. I have a 2016 Honda Pioneer 1000. I am wanting to do the dual battery upgrade with True Dual Battery Isolator Kit along with Odyessey PC925 battery. Along with dual battery setup I want to use the Blue Sea systems fuse panel. With this fuse panel getting power from seconds battery to run a few accessories I.E. winch, radio, light etc....
I have attached a few pictures to aid in my thinking. Please let me know if this is correct or totally Effin' wrong.

Step 1) Dual Battery and Isolator, see pic #1
Negative from each Battery ties together. Positive from each Battery ties into Isolator, with the small black wire on Isolator tying back into either Battery to complete grounding.

Step 2) Winch and contactor, see pic #2
Pos and Neg from winch into contactor, Pos and Neg from second Battery into contactor.

Step 3) Fuse Panel with "Key on power" with Stinger 80a Relay, see pic #3
Taping into factory 15acc wire for "key on" power goes to bottom of relay. Pos from second battery to top pos terminal on relay, other pos terminal on relay to pos of fuse panel. Neg from second battery to neg on fuse panel.

By using the 15acc power into relay should give me "key on" power to fuse panel. Allowing me to only utilize my accessories with the key on or machine running. Killing and accessories of key is removed so no dead battery with accessories left switched on.
Please help me and let me know if this or right or wrong. Thanks in advance.

IMG_6721.JPG IMG_6722.JPG IMG_6723.JPG

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