Talon Shocks on their way back from Shock Therapy



Dec 7, 2019

Talon R
Shocks are one of the area's of serious improvement with a sxs.. I went a different direction and had a set of stage 4 shocks from Elka built for my talon. So far the experience has been assume ride improvement and big $$$.
I had Elkas on my 800 RZR they were amazing. Which model works for the Talon and can I ask the cost? (I passed on equipping my RZR 1000 with them, $4500😮☹)


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Sep 11, 2019
Pacific Northwest

Talon X
Shocks for my X should be back from Shock Therapy (ST) Monday! Had ST do the full Ride Improvement treatment! ST told me the factory setup on the Talon X is the worst they’ve experienced for ride quality, and I don’t have much problem believing them. I’m hoping for a huge improvement in the slow speed rocky trail riding which is 80% of what I do!

As soon as the shocks are back on I’ll finish wiring the Warn Axon 55-S winch, install the Trail Armor skid plate and trailing arm guards and Get ready to start the riding season!
Got the chance to just run around the house for a couple minutes. The Shock Therapy setup is probably 100% softer and way more compliant than the factory setup. There is no doubt the rough slow speed trails will be vastly better than the factory setup! There’s also no doubt the high speed handling will suffer. Hopefully setting number 3 will stiffen things up enough for the occasional rip! I’m really looking forward to getting it out in the trails for a real test, but I’m very confident the ride will be much more enjoyable!
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