Future Who's ready for the 2018 HONDA TALON SPORT SxS?


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Jun 11, 2015
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Does anybody have any inside info on WHEN or even IF this new sport model could be announced/released? I'm really glad I purchased the 2017 family rig last year rather than waiting for this announcement (I thought was going to happen last year).

I'm really starting to doubt/wonder if they're even going to release something. I imagine they've had something in mind for about 2 years now and its hung up with lawyers and reliability testing. The problem is Can Am and Polaris will have each upgraded their sport models twice since Honda drew this thing up and it will be far behind them when it comes out is my guess.

Anyone have any real reason for faith on a spring announcement other than patent drawings which could possibly never come out?
Best guess would be a late summer or winter announcement. The factory expansion has pretty much just completed. This was needed to add more lines for additional models. Might see them as a 2019 model. But nothing is ever certain.
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Sep 23, 2013
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FWIW, which isnt much.. when i was on my way home from riding last weekend i stopped to grab lunch. On my way back to the truck a lady stopped me and asked me if I liked my Pioneer 1000. Threw me off because she didnt look like an off roader. I told her I loved it and so did my 3yr old (who was with me), but we cant wait for a sport model. She told me she worked at the Honda Plant in SC and helped build them. I told her thanks for her part in building a qulaity machine (for the most part). I asked when the Sport model was coming and she said "real soon".... so whatever that means.

So pretty much a pointless story by me. But hey, there it is...


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Jul 30, 2017

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Hoping for a announcement soon, i heard Yamaha will be showing something in a month or so. I looked at a Wildcat XX and its nice, not going with polaris again, canam with out a locker is not deal either. So its between Yamaha(if the new one is geared low enough), Teryx, Wildcat XX or the Honda sport model, as long as its not to electronically involved. I like that the P1k has the lever for turf,2wd,4wdlsd, and 4wd diff lock, and cable driven is nice. The I4wd im not sold on, personally just like a locked diff when i need it. Ill have my polaris atv sold or paid off by late this year then will get a sxs. just waiting on Honda like everyone else i guess.


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May 14, 2013
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The Yamaha dealer meeting is next month. My YXZ will have 15,000 miles after the ride tomorrow. The 2019 YXZ should have several improvements. My 2016 need way too many improvements and I won't spend a week or two fixing one for high mileage use. The Wildcat XX looks great but it has belt drive. Honda Sport models should be out next month but I don't wait on anything. The 2019 YXZ should be in the dealers in July. If they don't fix it enough I will just suck it up and buy a belt drive wildcat XX if the sport Hondas are not out by then. My Pioneer 1000 has been great. Got over 13,000 miles on it and only needed to buy a shift cable and exhaust mount rubber.


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Mar 10, 2015

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Maybe we are getting close, probably another dissappointment. Posted yesterday!


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12 hrs ·
2019 Honda ATV Model Lineup Announcement / Release Update #1

Check out the first round of updates before it's 'official' and published anywhere else online...

2019 Honda Side by Side Sneak Peek coming soon over at cough cough wink wink...

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