1. W

    P500 Custom haul trailer

    Had this trailer built to haul my p500 along with cooler and other trail/work/hunting necessities. Convenient and small enough to unload and hook on to p500 and take off without loading and unloading gear multiple times. Rails are short enough to open doors and has a built in dove tail to...
  2. HaggyGP

    P500 P500 and tow behind utility trailer

    Had some extensive sticker pealing today. Removing some old silver decals on my pull behind, scratched and chunks missing. Applied a new black stripe with red pin stripe to match up the P500. Excited to get into hunting camp... about a month and a half away. Next few weeks will be going...
  3. R

    AA Off-road TH trailer

    I was at an outdoor show last weekend here in Oklahoma and noticed a weird trailer with a SxS on it. Anyways they are made for transporting your SxS from the campground to the trailhead. That way if you're staying in a toy hauler and cannot drive your SxS to the trailhead, this is a good option...
  4. jamesh

    Trailer backing (trailer whips?

    I'm a desk jockey, not a professional trailer backer. When I traded my utility trailer for this car hauler, the lack of tailgate forced me to use only my mirrors which takes me longer to back into its spot. So I used these bar clamps to see when turning around. I know it makes me less of a...
  5. SouthwestORV

    P500 Impressed - P500 towed trailer all week

    Hello friends, My wife and I just finished moving this evening. We have been hauling loads of our belonging the short distance between our old home (just sold) to our interim rental (new home being built) with the Pioneer 500 all week, and I will say that "Rambo" is a stallion. I worked this...
  6. Mudder

    P500 P500 pulling 2800 lb trailer

    Wanting to pull a single axle 5x12 trailer and 275 gallon water tote (total 2800 lbs loaded) around yard with very little tounge weight. Dirt track watering at slow speed, flat pasture, no inclines. Know its over the spec. rating, but curious if anyone has experience. Thanks.
  7. Mudder

    Multi Trailer jack foot extension

    Anyone have experience with the Fastway Flip foot or the Husky Brute Superfoot? Interesting products to save on jack cranking for about $35. Lots of you tube videos. Kinda leaning towards the Husky, seems faster and # rated higher.
  8. Mudder

    Enclosed trailer alarm system

    Saw some older posts, wondering about any updates on a loud motion alarm system with remote for an enclosed trailer. Seems like locks can be cut easily. Also like the $5 /month GPS tracker with Verizon. First to make noise, second to find them. Any suggestions? Product links welcomed.
  9. Mudder

    P500 Enclosed trailer width

    Anyone have a 7ft wide enclosed trailer with the P500? Enough room to exit the sxs ok inside? Debating on a 7x16 versus 8 ft wide from comments on excessive wind drag. Likely extra height due to roof and taller tires.
  10. Central Maine "skiddah"

    P1000m5 Central Maine "skiddah"

    pre- Feb. 22 Research on Honda SXS, collect some "stuff" for build. Feb. 22, 2017 Delivered by Richard's Sport Shop @8:00pm. Feb. 22, 2017 Crawled under, over, & through. Feb. 23, 2017 Family stuff Feb. 24, 2017 Made template for windshield bottom, received HONDA SXS DECALS in mail...
  11. Mudder

    P500 Enclosed trailer update

    saw an older thread on enclosed trailers. Needed for P500 and Rancher Atv, likely 16 ft and dual axle. Are the v fronts full 16 ft. Or just at the point? Any advice welcomed. Pulling with 5.3 L pickup. Electric brake?
  12. Russel

    P700 Trailer

    What is a good trailer to haul camping gear or any type of gear. I am also looking for something that is durable on rugged and muddy trails? Does anyone use a trailer or just pack on the SxS?

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