1. B

    P1000 Winch install - wiring issue

    Installing a Warn VRX 45 winch on our new Pioneer 1000-6 Crew. I have everything mounted and wired per the Warn diagram. My final step was to reconnect the negative cable to the battery terminal, and I am getting a severe spark / melting the terminal. I assume there is a short in my wiring with...
  2. Indiana SxS

    2021 HONDA TALON 1000R BUILD

    I have included several pictures throughout the build. If you’re wanting even more pictures of each item during the build, click on my iCloud link under the item you’re wanting. Enjoy, Stock Images of my machine with measurements before touching iCloud Photo Sharing Tires - System 3 XTR370...
  3. screaminfast

    P1000 Keep Factory winch or upgrade?

    Just pulled the front bumper off today (snapped a bolt :mad: ) and pulled the winch. I was gonna change it to synthetic and a hawse fairlead. Should I just upgrade the whole winch instead? Also since I have the factory warn plow setup do I need to change the roller on there to something...
  4. C

    P1000 Warn mount kit winch line clearance issues

    Has anyone installed the Warn winch mount and had issues with line clearance? I swapped the stock Honda mount plate for the Warn when I purchased the Warn provantage plow and what I found is that it inverts the winch which caused the cable to have next to no clearance front he mount bracket (I’m...
  5. Wisdumb

    P500 My P5 Build

    Hello Everyone, I've had my P5 for a few weeks now and have had packages with accessories and add-ons rolling in every day since then. The purpose of this thread is to catalog the changes and give you guys some pictures of what we've been up to. It should also be a good place for you guys to...
  6. Cuoutdoors

    Montana Jacks Outpost

    I want to give a shout out to Montana Jacks. I have done a fair amount of business with them and they are always fantastic to work with. When you call, Scott (the owner) answers the phone and he's a great guy. They are a small shop in Montana but do a great deal of business with WARN and seems...
  7. JiminAZ

    P1000 Help me pick the right winch

    Black Friday Sales are coming. Would like to pull the trigger on this next week. 2019 1000-5 Deluxe. Want to stick with the factory bumper. Looking at Warn as the standard bearer - likely 4500#. Plan to use the synthetic rope. In Warn I can buy the standard model or the AXON. Wondering...
  8. Iceguy31

    P700 Honda-Warn winch winding direction

    2017 P700. I installed the Honda-Warn winch using the Honda winch mount kit and have a question. The kit has you mount the winch reverse of how you would typically mount one (normal is motor on passenger side, Honda has you flip and put it on the driver side). This results in the cable coming...
  9. Ragnar406

    New Winch Warn AXON

    I am sure some have seen the new WARN winch launch. I saw this pic on the dirt wheels magazine site and of course noticed how the winch was mounted... don't know that I recognize this bumper/ winch mount for the honda LInk Guess the photo could be photo shopped The winch looks neat and will...
  10. sxs2015


    Very little use. I am in Maine...800.00 OBRO

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