P1000m3 2021 Pioneer 1000-3 100 mile review


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Apr 28, 2021

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Hello Honda SXS Nation!
After kicking the tires on Landmaster, Polaris Ranger, Kimco 700i, Intimidator, Kawasaki Mule Pro MX We decided to purchase the Honda Pioneer 1000-3.
Bought this machine at "Honda of the Ozarks".
We'v had alot of fun rolling up 140 miles over the last 4 weeks.
Now she is going to Donnells Honda for the 100 mile service in a few days.
Most all the miles have been on gravel roads and blacktop.
Been off road for some serious wheeling in the mud, creeks and back woods hills. I was amazed at where this machine will go!
Couple issues I will note,
In low gear pulling up out of a muddy bank I did notice a little clutch slippage/chatter 1 time. I will mention this to my service tech. Not sure what was up with that... as I hv read here it's probably not low enough gearing?
After about 1/2 hr riding the heat from the motor is a SERIOUS problem!
Wife says she won't be riding much this summer unless the heat is addressed.
There are a few plastic rattles here and there. Not to bad.
Last but not least... I would have fired the manager who signed off on the kiddy cup sized cup holders. Complete joke<%[email protected]
I have read alot on this forum and will address the Heat, rattles and cup holder issues. Fortunately I am handy with skills to fix these issues. I feel for the ones who don't have mechanical skills to fix these problems!
Shame on Honda for not fixing these ongoing issues!
So far We really like our SXS!!!
I am thankfull for this good forum to get info from. Seams like alot of good people here to offer help!
Thank you!

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