P1000 ATV Guy Buys SXS


Aug 24, 2020

I live in the mountains and have been riding ATV's for 20 years, Suzuki Kingquad 300's and a 2018 Honda Rubicon for a combined total of about 18K miles. I had a Kawasaki Mule 600 for a couple years but seldom used it because it was gutless.

Personally I think ATV's have a lot of advantages over SXS's; less noise, less dust, less heat, less gasoline, faster, lower center of gravity and better visibility. When I want to ride alone and when the weather is warm I jump on the Rubicon, not the Pioneer.

This will be my first winter using the Pioneer and I hope it will significantly extend my riding season, due to enclosed, heated cab.

There are a lot of things I would have designed differently and I think Honda engineers did a better job on the Rubicon than the Pioneer. Both the Rubicon and Pioneer have too much gear noise, I guess because of straight cut gears. But all things considered, I think Honda Pioneer did a better job than the competition, as I'm a shaft drive snob and just don't cotton to CVT.

I think one major reason people buy SXS's is that they're married. I'm not but ride and hunt with my neighbor a lot. It's nice to have company while riding, but SXS noise makes conversation a challenge, even if Hondas are quieter. I'm glad I didn't get a Pioneer without an enclosed cab because now I think the main reason for me to have one is to ride when it's too cold for ATV's. Most of the winter I probably won't ride much at all because of snow depth, but it should be handy in November and December before it accumulates and April/May for short jaunts up into the mountains to see how much snow has melted.

I had put off buying a SXS several years because I believed that they are all really overpriced for what they are and still believe that. This is even more true for CVT SXS's. Manufacturers save a ton of money using CVT and not having to cut all those precision hard gears and they don't pass enough of the savings on to their customers.

So to sum it up, I'm really not that enthusiastic about SXS's, but we'll see how winter riding goes, it might open up a new world for me. Next summer it will probably be parked unless I find a way to deal with the dust problem.

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