Talon Honda Accessory Particle Seperator


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Dec 30, 2015
I called Jackson today and asked about the S&B connection, when the turbo kit will be available, and if they are going to have a turbo Talon at Glamis on TG weekend - Honda is doing demo rides at Glamis the weekend of Nov 28, 29 & 30.

No way to connect an S&B with the Jackson turbo - they are considering it.The big K&N they use will be OK for the dunes IMHO but I'm a little wary how it will do on our dusty hardpack trails here in the West.

Turbo kit will be available Oct or Nov.

They did not know if they were going to Glamis on TG weekend and doubted that there would be a turbo Talon there if they did not go.

I'll call them back in a month - I hope they know more then.
We recently got dealer info for the Jackson kit (ordering details, advertising agreements, etc) so it should be here soon. Not actual ordering done yet though.


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Jan 18, 2020

Talon x4
The high mount may work with the rear window but its going to take a lot of window cutting to fit around the particle separator. If someone will do it and make a cut out template it will help a lot. Its not so difficult for a 3 inch tube.View attachment 157786
Hondabob - do you have any details posted some where on how you put together your snorkel tube set into the cab? Thanks

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