P700m4 P700-4 electrical issue


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Jan 31, 2015
Hurricane West Virginia

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A buddy of mine called me today and said he was having some issues with his pioneer. Recently it has been going dead if he does not have it on the trickle charger. Even to the point if he is out working he is concerned with turning it off for fear it maybe not want to restart if it sits for an hour or so. If he keeps it on the trickle charger all the time it will normally start up but if it is not left on the charger for a day or so it will not turn over. I was thinking, ok, need a new battery. It is about 1.5 years old and a little over 100 mile on it (Uses it to play, run his kids up and down his driveway, etc...) He is a little concerned to take it riding due to this electrical problem that has been going for a while.
Well, today he called and said even with it on the trickle charger it would not start BUT when he took the KEY OUT of the ignition switch the dash stayed lit even when he was holding the key and everything was clearly disconnected? Im thinking the switch maybe bad and has since killed the battery but any other thoughts are welcomed?
Since it is out of warranty he is going to be stuck with the expense so I don't mind replacing it as I am guessing it is a rather simple job but want to make sure we are on the right track before getting parts..

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