P1000 Snorkel vent tubes


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Apr 27, 2016

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I've been reading though the forums and want to get opinions on two points.

1. The only vents needed to be extended is rear diff, front diff, sub tranny, and gas tank. There is evedintly another that hangs down and consensus says it's okay?

2. Bypassing the hood back to the airbox, deleting airbox completely, running it up to just under roof and sticking a tube style filter up there. Any problems with bypassing stock filter for a diff one?

I got some mud and stuff in my airbox in Jims creek a few weeks ago. Sketched me out and I'm ready to snorkle. Bought some 1/4 id line today ( 20 feet, prob too much) and did my gas and sub tranny up to roof. Gonna do my diffs the same way.

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