P1000 Wet Washdown - Now Won't Start.......


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Mar 28, 2018
Milton FL

  1. 1000-5
2016 1000-5, low miles, lightly used, spent about 2 years under a lean-to with a dirt floor, but was driven about every 6 weeks. Have a new spot in our garage so decided today was the day to do a full wash job inside and out. Used soapy water, brushes and rags. Multiple rinses with hose, knocked some of the water off with a battery powered blower.

A little hard to start, then caught. Drove it about 50 yards, left it running while I re-loaded the bed. It died and now won't start. Spins freely but does not fire. New battery last year, gas is pretty fresh but topped it off with fresh just to be sure. No sign of water in or around the air intake. It has the upgraded breather.

Wet plug wires? Water in the gas? (hard to believe since the fill cap seals tight). Suggestions please.......thanks
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