1. D

    P1000 2016 Honda Pioneer-1000 Grinding Noise

    Hello, I took my Pioneer out for a ride yesterday on some trails and had it in 4 wheel drive, 4-high. I got into a spot where I had to back up into a small ditch and turn around, as I was going forward climbing out of this small ditch I heard an awful grinding sound and the whole machine...
  2. UploadAdventure

    P1000 Tire size question on OEM Steel wheels (maybe again? Point me in the right direction)

    Hello all I’ve done quite a bit of searching here and while I’ve found some info, nothing truly specific to what I’m needing answered. I have on my 2020 1000-5 Pioneer the oem steel wheels. Fronts 27x9x12 Rear 27x11x12 Now, I understand some have put 28x10’s on these rims, and don’t rub But...
  3. Travis R

    ATV New Louisiana Member

    Hello, I’m a new member from Southeast Louisiana and this is my first post. I currently have a 2009 Foreman 500 FPE that I purchased new. I’m 37 and had Honda ATVs and ATCs all my life. I owned a few other brands in the past but it didn’t take long to realize Honda is the best. Now I’m in the...
  4. shaptown88

    P1000 Shaptown's 2021 P1k5 Build

    After ordering on 3/09/21 the Pioneer has finally arrived on 7/14/21 and the building process can begin. Not sure whos more pump, the kid or I. Currently still at the dealership till tomorrow morning (7/16/2021). Below is a picture and the list of parts I have already purchased/Installed (4...
  5. N

    Bed extender for sale

    I have a new in box bed extender for the 700/1000. Bought for 400 and waited 6 months for it to arrive. Backordered then came in and I had already installed a different one. Everything included. Would consider shipping but would be hard as its a big box and quite heavy. Would like 300 as to...
  6. skybound2000

    Talon Honda Talon OEM Side Mirrors: Install & Review! 1000X / 1000X-4 / 1000R

  7. M

    P1000 Is the extra $ worth it for LE vs deluxe?

    New to the site. have done some extensive research into the 1000-5 sxs's. and have decide this is the machine i want. 70% of the riding i wont have extra people but my kids will most likely with me the other amount of time. here is maine the delearships dont carry a lot of honda sxs's and no...

    Multi Which hard cooler you like and why?

    My Grizzly cooler got stolen last weekend. What cooler does everyone like and why?

    Who is staying at Comfort Inn?

    Who is all staying at the Comfort Inn? What day you arriving? Are you trailering to RRB everyday or riding trail 10/12?

    To Beadlock or not?

    been looking at all the rim choices available these days and beadlocks are such a popular option! But I’ve heard of leaking issues! Those that have them, do you like them or wished you had non-beadlocks?
  11. S

    P1000 Front axle replacement

    Looking for instructions on how to replace the front left axle on a 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000-3 LE.
  12. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 Trail Armor Skid Plate Review

    I want to start my review by giving a little back story. I am on my second pioneer 1000-3 and had a skid plate on the first machine as well. I have had many four wheelers with aluminum skids, plastic skids etc. Machine 1 came with a crappy factory skid and I knew it needed to be changed. I never...
  13. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 Pioneer 1000 LE Wheels and Tires

    I am selling the wheels and tires off my Pioneer 1000 LE. They are brand new. I took them off immediately when I got home and put others on. They are the Bighorn 2.0 tires.
  14. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 Looking for a Pioneer 1000 Limited

    Well folks just like the title says. I am looking for a Pioneer 1000 Limited aka LE. Most likely a 3 seater unless there is a crazy deal on the 5. I appreciate any help in finding one at a good price. Dealers in my area don't give much on price so I'll be traveling to buy one. Looking for a 17...
  15. ohanacreek

    1000 TurnPro Deluxe kit install

    I have plans to make mine street legal so I picked up a TurnPro Deluxe kit. It has the Horn and the Trailer Pigtail included. The instructions are pretty clear, a little more detail on mounting and splicing locations could be provided for the rear lights(I should have taken a before shot of...
  16. A

    P1000 Wanted LOAD ADJUSTING shocks for rear

    Looking for a set of OEM 08Z70-HL4-A51 for the rear of a pioneer 1000 3 EPS Prefer new take offs but would entertain anything let me know what you have and price. Thanks Alex
  17. SundayRdr

    Tennesseans speak up

    I'm just curious of how many Tennesse members we have. I know of a few on here @CPope @BIGRACK @Crow_Hunter @Delton @LandPioneer @JACKAL @PioneerPete I know of a few more but i am having a brain fart at the moment. I'm curious to were yall ride in Tn other than Winrock and royal blue. How...
  18. AggieVet

    P1000 The I-4WD System

    I know that a lot of people are against the new I-4WD system that will be on the 2017 LE, but surely there is a positive side to it. I don't believe that Honda would spend the $$$ for R&D to develop a new system if it was going to make the vehicle worse. I understand that it would be worse in...
  19. Stauvo

    P1000 Stauvo's Lay Flat Tailgate Brackets

    Here is my weekend project. Took awhile as I am metalurgically retarded and have limited tools. I have wanted to do this since I got my machine when decided to stay with my stock cables. Now my coolers will lay flat and a bed extension plan can be played with. Thank you all for ideas and...
  20. Lorian

    P1000 1000 roof available

    Pioneer 1000 5seater roof for sale from florida highlands county area: $400/OBO