1. Herbie

    P1000 Knocking in left front outer CV joint

    I recently purchased this 2016 1000-5, and a couple of days ago took it on an 80 mile journey thru the Mountains around Silverton Colorado. I noticed that during tight turns to the left, while in 4 wheel drive, there is a knocking coming from the left front axle, probably from the outer CV...
  2. HaggyGP

    P500 Outer CV Joint

    Well took the machine into the wash bay, prepping for the 1st service and oh no.... a ripped outer cv boot. I am glad I washed it, because now I am thinking I probably wouldn't have caught it till next week. I have just put on enough hours and kilometers for the first inspection and service...
  3. S

    P1000 Front axle replacement

    Looking for instructions on how to replace the front left axle on a 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000-3 LE.
  4. Ragnar406

    Extra axle storage options

    i picked up a couple of axles (call it planning for the future) when a good deal presented itself. Knowing that hopefully I would not have to use in the immediate future but would most likely haul In the truck when I go ride - I knew the cardboard boxes they come in would not last through a few...
  5. SundayRdr

    P700 Broken U-joint / Yoke assembly

    I broke the universal joint Saturday night at the takeover. I can't recall reading or hearing anything about a bad or broken universal joint on a Pioneer. I havent any abnormal noises any vibrations indicating a bad u-joint. We removed the broken pieces and a friend towed me to camp with me...
  6. B

    P700 Broken frond axle shaft

    So I Broke the left front axle shaft on my 700/2 this weekend. I looked and could not find a thread on it, if there is one please let me know. What I am looking for is advise on replacement options. I want to go back stockish need to have a weak link. I don't want to beef them up and bust a...

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