1. A

    Talon Extra Electrical Wires

    I was thinking about adding a fuse box for extra stuff .(radio, lights, etc). When I remove the hood and the top panel I found these large black and red wires (see image). The wires have no power to them when the key is on or off. these will be perfect if I could figure out how to get power to...
  2. RTM1500

    P500 Made a new switch box

    Hey guys I finished up a new switch box and man I love this thing for the p5. All switches are easily accessible and it keeps you from having to cut into your dash. Check it out
  3. RTM1500

    P500 Experimental switch box

    Hey everyone .. I got this 2018 P5 in December and have been doing little things here and there to it. I have conjured up a little temporary switch box to house my fuse block and all wiring/switches for accessory lights. Thought I would share and maybe have some of the more experienced...
  4. Braleyoutdoors

    P1000 Dead battery

    After a few weeks of non use, my Pioneer has drained the battery 100%. After boosting it off and letting it warm up, when I put in gear, nothing happens. The dash lights are going nuts. The gear indicator shows R, I hear the linkage shift the tranny but unit will not move at all. Any thoughts
  5. G

    P700 Wiring a speaker bar

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Honda Pioneer 700. The bike came with a speaker bar mounted and wired but it is hard wired to the battery. Which means I don't have any way to turn it off with the key unless I take the wire off the battery, or it stays on and the battery dies. Has anybody else...

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