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  1. Bigmanlittlebuggy

    Oil change suggestions

    Looking for a ideas for oil change kits this will be the second one buggy has 980 miles on it now I think what’s the best oil how much do I need I don’t wanna pay dealer prices any help is appreciated thanks in advance 21 pioneer 1000-5 LE
  2. M

    Pioneer 1000 Clutch Issues

    As many of you know Honda had a general recall on clutches a few years back. My Pioneer 1000-5 SxS had that service performed and was back in business in no time. However, 500 miles later the clutch burned out. Poor clutch design? Poor service/set up? Neither American Honda Motorsport customer...
  3. 2

    P700 Clutch Adjustment

    Hey everyone I am new to SxS’s and new to the forum. I recently purchased a new 2018 700-4 and I have some issues. Whenever I am cruising and lightly keep the gas peddle pushed down it sounds like it’s constantly trying to switch gear or get into gear and when I press on the gas more it goes...
  4. T

    P700 Repair under Warranty Unaceptable

    On June 5th I took my P700 to dealership where i purchased for locked up transmission. It was within warranty period. Was told would be at least 2 weeks before they could get to it. Well here it is July 11 and still nothing. I did talk with them 1st of July. They said they were behind and were...
  5. J

    P1000m5 Service by the manual, or by the dealership recommendation?

    I have a 2019 1000-5 that I just bought a little over a month ago. I have 105 miles and 16.4 hours on the unit. I loaded it up to take to the dealer for the first service, as recommended by the manual (100 miles or 20 hours, whichever comes first) and the service manager told me if it was his...
  6. N

    P1000 Smells like burning ATF

    I have a 2016 P1000-5 with about 1500 miles on it. I bought it new and have had zero problems with it. Several months ago I took my machine into the dealer for the clutch update. Unlike some, I have had no issues with my clutch at all, but the way I understood the update, it would only be...
  7. mtarallo

    P700 First Maintenance - 2016 700-4 Valve Adjusment

    Hi all - thanks for taking a look. I was curious on what you all thought and if you can provide a recommendation. I bought a 700-4 in May 2016 with a 5 year warranty. I use it for light work around the house and some off-roading around the property. I just hit 100+ miles / 20+ hours and the...
  8. Jody

    P1000m5 Awesome service from dealer and accessories vendor

    I just wanted to give a shout out to the service department Eric @ Virden Rec. and Water Sports, and also to the manufacturer of the Honda soft doors. I have the full soft cab and had an issue with a bent and broken rear door,(the wife left it up and tried to drive out of the garage, lol). Honda...

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