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Jul 21, 2016
Gypsum, Colorado

It is in the front and rear for the pioneer 1000 with out i4wd. We didn’t know that we had limited slip differentials in the front and rear because it still seems to spin one wheel very easily.
Well, they are calling it a torque sensitive limited slip differential but i dont see any reason why it wouldn't be a pretty loose open diff in its current configuration. Me thinks that changing the the angle of the peaks and valleys on the face cams would affect the "limited slip" function you might feel from the differential. If I'm thinking correctly, with a steeper angle you would be able to transmit more force to the stuck wheel... but I'm guessing Honda has found what they think to be the optimal angle. I think this type of diff would really work well with the whole i4wd electronic braking system.

I don't really like those pics that Joey posted above though. Obviously this diff is relying on friction between the face cams and followers, and it shows in the pics. Seems like a high wear item, vs a regular gear diff, but with clean thick oil it is probably fine.

Having said that though, if I broke a front axle and had the i4wd system then I wouldn't count on being able to get any power out of that remaining wheel up front.


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May 9, 2016
So it looks like they are using their same cheezy ass steering wheel.........again.........
Pretty sad, even Kawasaki uses a nice padded steering wheel on their cheapest sxs, the Mule SX.
Oh, and the same brilliant, black on black shift pattern :rolleyes:


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Oct 14, 2015

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So it looks like they are using their same cheezy ass steering wheel.........again.........
Pretty sad, even Kawasaki uses a nice padded steering wheel on their cheapest sxs, the Mule SX.
Oh, and the same brilliant, black on black shift pattern :rolleyes:
I think that’s cheesy s*** for the Talon too. In the showroom especially a good wheel would help the sale. Well being the same wheel You could spend 70$ and do it right
P1000 - Steering wheel


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Dec 18, 2018

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I am a current RZR XP1k owner, eyeing the Talon for a possible future machine. I've owned Honda dirt bikes before and think Honda offers a good quality product. The DCT trans is what has me most interested, although I understand the Pioneer had some early clutch issues with the DCT. Hopefully that is all straightened out for the Talon.

Going along with the thread title, things I either don't like OR have questions on:
1) on the R model, the rear trailing arm hangs a little low and WILL get hung up in certain terrains. I experienced this in my older RZR XP 900 which had lower trailing arms also
2) should have come with 30" tires and the appropriate gearing to go with those tires. Then you have the option of staying 30" or upgrading to 32" without risking burning up clutches. A big question is, how low will the LOW gear be, and how will the trans/clutches hold up to slow paced rock crawling and hill climbing, especially with a 30" tire. I want to run a 30-32" tire without having to do a costly gear reduction.
3) don't care for the what appears to be different offset wheels front and rear. I run 5+2 wheels currently, and most likely will run something similar on the Talon. The front will likely be fairly wider with a setup like this. I like to run all 4 wheels and tires the same size, ie. 30x10x14 on 5+2 wheels all 4 corners. Does anyone know the wheel bolt pattern on the Talon? I may just try bolting up my current 30" Roctanes on 4/156 wheels if the bolt pattern is the same and IF the 14" wheels clear the supposedly larger brakes. If not, time for a new 15" wheel/tire set. The 28's will have to go instantly.
4) I have mixed feelings on i4wd, although I've read good reviews on it so maybe it functions just as good as a true locker. I would be happy with a more simplistic locking front diff.
5) Dislike the motorcycle battery. Should have copied Popo and put in an automotive sized battery. For the current Pioneer owners, I assume it uses a motorcycle battery also. Not sure what the stator output is on these, but how do the current Pioneer 1k's do with added light bars and stereos?
6) Why no spin on oil filter? It appears to use a canister type filter. Maybe they filter better, but no one can argue that a spin on oil filter is easier to maintain.
7) Air filter setup from what I can tell in pictures, looks very similar to my old RZR 900 XP. Sure, it's a decent setup and looks easily accessible, but there are better setups. It looks like when you pull the old filter out, you'll be dumping dirt on the clean air side of the filter box/intake. Then you have to clean all of that up real good before installing new filter. I like the current RZR XP1k filter setup quite well.
8) for the money these will probably be, would have liked to see Arched A-arms and arched radius rods come stock.

Don't get me wrong, aside from all of those questions, I still want one!! It's a Honda and it has DCT. Good stuff. If low gear comes geared low enough to not burn up clutches I'll be happy. I will probably watch reviews on it the first year though, and possibly buy a 2nd year model. I'm sure my questions will be answered after the first year.
I’m in the same boat except that I already have a deposit on the R. My biggest concern is the trailing Arm on the R. It will definitely drag in some cases but with a shield that won’t be a big deal....excep for rocks. You can place the driver side wheels fairly accurately but the passenger side is more of a guess. I’m thinking about changing from the R for that reason. But the suspension on the R looks like a plus and the X a minus from the 2018 XP1000 I Ride now. Pictures of the R on bumps look like the body body stays flat with the suspension taking the hits. It’s pretty hard to dress that up for a commercial.

Going to 30’s should work OK, it’s about 4% higher for every inch in tire diameter over 28. 8% higher geared for 30’s and 16% for 32’s. I’m running 32’s on my RZR on 15” wheels now (about 12%) and didn’t have to do much clutch work. A lot will depend on the Honda gear ratios but 6H+6L may leave some room for bigger tires.

I’m sure Honda would like to have upgrades from existing customers but the Talon is directly aimed at Polaris the industry leader, IMO. They state they are aiming at all of them which may be true. But Polaris has the market share so that’s where the most potential new customers will come from.
My dealer is dual line Polaris and Honda and they already have 5 or 6 orders ahead of pricing so.... Honda may have a big hit, time will tell.


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Nov 30, 2018
Kingman, Az.

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Talon R
Don't like where they put the instrument cluster, needs to be infront of the driver. Will wait another year and see if they get that right.
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