pioneer 700

  1. WagginTail

    P700m4 SOLD 2014 700-4 For Sale

    $10,500. Just replaced all ball joints, left rear axle and knuckle bearing, and brake pads front and rear. I have the factory wheels and tires and side nets. Also have a homemade plexiglass windshield for it. 2" Super ATV lift front and rear. 1" spring spacer on the front shocks. I installed...
  2. J

    P700 5w-50 engine oil

    I have a bunch of 5w-50 oil left over from my previous Polaris machines and was planning on using it in the 2015 Pioneer 700-2 that I recently purchased. I am not very concerned about it but I thought I might as well be safe and ask if anyone has more knowledge than I do about this subject or...
  3. Y

    P700 filter/sieve fuel pump

    I need help, a lot, greetings from Mexico, happy owner of the first Honda Pioneer, model 700 year 2014, I bought it in November, first owner, because the ailments are already beginning, and the ugly begins, for any product, that is not sold in Officially in a country, I can't find any spare...
  4. B

    P700 6” portals - go big or go home

    I’ve been working on this 2017 pioneer deluxe for 3 years, I bought it new and have slowly added lifts and tires, first 27” mud tires, then 29.5” bkts, now I’m at 33” bkts. Considering 35s or 37s. I’ve got a 2.5” spacer suspension lift and forward arched a arms from that give another 2.5” of...
  5. A

    Pioneer 700 died, now no spark

    Yes please do, thank you
  6. S

    P700 SATV windshield Honda oem roof

    Anybody have a oem roof and SATV flip windshield have issues with the windshield when opened hitting the teardrop portion of the roof?? Wondering if anybody has this issue and has found a resolution besides cutting the roof. Not really a big deal to not be able to open it all the way up but...
  7. S

    P700 satv v oem Honda windshield

    SATV or OEM Honda windshield, which one is better? Any pros and cons for either or long term reviews for either? Looking at the anti scratch type.
  8. JustinNixon

    P700 28 BKT’s?

    recently installed the 2.5” highlifter lift kit on my 700. No problems at all so far, I threw some 28” BKT AT171’s on there on some m12 diesel 14’s gave a lot of clearance. SYA snorkel, half windshield, boss speaker and all. Just missing a roof because I’m thinking about getting the hump on the...
  9. S

    P700 2019 deluxe tires size

    Good evening! Just purchased my very first Honda atv/sxs ever! Traded my Harley in on a a 2019 pioneer 700 deluxe. Which is super sweet I love it. My question is, will 27” tires fit well on the deluxe wheels? Not sure what the offset is. Does anyone have a setup using the stock deluxe wheels...
  10. NMSCAS

    P1000 New P500 break in.

    Just bought my 13 year old son a P500. It’s a new 2017 that we ordered blue body panels for. I had just bought a P1000 for my 16 year old son who is Autistic. Everyone wanted to drive and I used the analogy of I only have 5 years left with him at home. So spend the money now. Any way this is the...
  11. B

    Stalling issue when turning Pioneer 700-4 2015

    Team Honda, I went creek riding and now when i turn, a few seconds later the pioneer 700 - 4 (2015) stalls. I already checked the gas tank breather tube, and have made sure i have good quality gas. again, i can go straight on with no problem but the bike stalls when i turn about 90 degrees or...
  12. Jerakus

    P700m2 Jerakus

    This is a stock 700-2 that we work the hell out of on the farm. So far I have not had any trouble what so ever. We enjoy having it around. Should have got one sooner. We are also able to play on it as well, very fun to ride with friends and family and take on camping trips. It's primary purpose...
  13. SuperYeti

    P700 New Custom Snorkel

    Well after my last trip, and tearing off my first try at a snorkel on the narrow trails around me, I decided I needed something a little more substantial, and tucked away inside away from the trails. I went and grabbed some 3" 1/16" wall pipe, and some 16ga steel, and started fabbing away...

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