2020 1000X4 LV Clutch issue


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Jan 24, 2021

  1. Talon x4
So I bought a use 2020 Talon 1000X4 LV late last year, and finally got to take if for a real ride. First ride was great and no issues. covered various terrain, sand winding trails, to rocky hills, to smooth dirt roads, as well as some slow very rocky hills. No issues at all. Later that night we went for a quick night ride. There are about 21 shallow river crossing. I have been on the trail lots of times in other machines so I wanted to see the difference with the Talon. Over all this is an easy trail, and the water crossings were not deep at all, the deepest was maybe 3/4 of the tire in depth. there is a big sand hill after the last crossing. I tried to take the straight shot to the top rather than just going around just to see how the Talon would do. the sand was soo churned up there was no chance I could make it so I backed down to the bypass spot and then went to the top. Still no issues. on the way back just as we were less than a 1/4 mile from the hotel, the engine died when I pulled up to the stop sign. and I noticed the Clutch temperature indicator light lit. we towed the Talon back to the hotel and started checking fluid levels, engine and subtrans both looked good and did not appear to have any water in them. Then after it had sat for a while I started it up and it didn't have the warning light and drove fine. The next day, we went on a longer ride, but was mostly just long gravel road, with some slower rocky trails. Nothing hilly or hard/technical at all. Part way in the trip it started shifting weird, like I was riding the clutch when shifting (slowly letting the clutch out. I have had some folks say it is a battery issue, but it seems like it wouldn't be a battery issue if it clears up when the machine cools down.
What should I be looking into? Oh the machine has just over 2900 miles on it now.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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