P500 Effects of Tire Weight


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Jan 19, 2018

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Getting a lot of mods done on my 17' P5 and tires/aluminum wheels are next (most-likely next month). So of course I have nearly burnt up google and this forum reading and watching reviews on a TON of tires. For my needs I want an all around tire that's at least decent riding on trails but that I can also not be afraid to hit the mud as well.. In addition to that I'm highly drawn to aggressive/meaty looking tires because.. well.. who doesn't want their P5 to have a mean lookin' stance!? So with aggressive meaty looking tires comes added weight.

What would be the actual "felt" effects of the added weight when going from stockers to 28" Zillas (lighter less aggressive) versus going from stockers to say a heavy/aggressive tire like the 27" STI Outback Max? I'm mostly leaning towards 28" zillas to get a light true 27" height tire but they look so tame compared to some others that have caught my attention lately.. Here are some weights:

Zilla 28x10x12 = 26 lbs
Outback Max 27x10x12 = 40.6 lbs
Terminators 28x10x12 = 48 lbs

As you can see there's quite a bit of difference there! And although the last two are very aggressive looking their flat profile supposedly makes them very smooth on hard trails. So my thinking is that if the P5 is geared low anyway the added weight may not even be felt. What's yall's opinion?

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