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Feb 13, 2013
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The Honda SxS Club is looking to build a collection of HOW-TO's and we need your help!

As you know, many of use do our own service! We find it fairly easy or just want the confidence its done correctly. But many beginners find these tasks challenging and end up paying a dealership hundreds of dollars for something that can be done with a common tool kit and a hours time.

We ask that if you are working on a general or common service tasks that you please think about building a "HOW-TO" for the community.

As a Thank You! We are placing a few Bounties on these How-to's. To qualify, your "How-to" must be picture rich. Have a required tool listing and details about each step.*

Bounty Reward's (pick one)
- Honda SxS Club Tee Shirt.
- Pioneer Hat.
- Upgrade to Lifetime member.
- Everyone will receive the "Club Contributor" badge!

If you are interested shoot me a note here --> Contact HondaSxS
Good idea to make sure that topic has not been started. Keep in mind that the most important part is CLEAR PICTURES. Once you have those, you can start a Private Topic, Here--> forums --> personal-private-forum to begin building the HOW-TO draft! We will be glad to assist, edit, update, and finally publish once it is ready. Need a example? see the ones in the completed section below.

Here is a list of current HOW-TO Bounties: (as of 11-29-15)
Honda Pioneer 1000 How-to Bounty List:

  • Oil Change. In the works by @Hondasxs Feat/@JACKAL
  • Valve inspection and adjustment.
  • Differential oil change.
  • Front Brakes.
  • Rear Brakes.
  • Other tasks.
  • PM @Hondasxs if you are interested in doing one!
Honda Pioneer 700 How-to Bounty List:
  • Air Filter Cleaning/Change.
  • Valve inspection and adjustment.
  • Front Brakes.
  • Rear Brakes.
  • Other tasks
  • PM @Hondasxs if you are interested in doing one!
Honda Pioneer 500 How-to Bounty List:
  • Air Filter Cleaning/Change.
  • Differential oil change.
  • Front Brakes.
  • Rear Brakes.
  • Other Tasks.
  • PM @Hondasxs if you are interested in doing one!

Completed list:
Pioneer 1000

Pioneer 700
Pioneer 500

Lets help save our fellow riders some $ and build a "How-To" today!

* Bounty terms:
To collect the bounty, topic must solely be listed at and no other site. This includes text, images, videos, and directions must be attached and hosted through one of our channels. You agree that the document, videos, and its contents will be come property of The Honda SxS Club!
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