What did you do to/with your Talon today?



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Apr 23, 2021

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I saw a thread of a guy asking about aftermarket axles on his 23 R. I tried to reply to the post but it got deleted I guess. But if you read this I had a similar issue with my 23R4 and the axle breaking.

I ended up breaking an axle a month ago or so on my 23R4. Slow speed crawling and it snapped from inside of the rear assembly. The dealer had to take the other side axle off to remove the broken side by pushing it out from inside the rear assembly. Dealer said they had never seen that before and have never had issues with Honda axles in the past. They all thought it could have been a manufacturing defect. They sent the picture to Honda and they covered it under warranty. Might help asking your dealer to submit a claim.
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Trey - 3DSXSDesign

Mar 23, 2024

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Copying ehart814's Pioneer 500 thread and DG Rider's Pioneer 700 thread - if you did something to (or with) your Talon and don't want to start a new thread for one or two posts, here's the place. Ideas, mods, best photos, stucks, recoveries 😳 - whutcha got?

Cigarette lighter accessories are the go-to for plug in electrics, we've all used them for most of our lives but they suck in a rougher environment, they keep unplugging themselves. When I was (much) younger, I'd cut the ends off and replace with a 1/8" phono plug, more secure and less bulky. There were three reasons I quit - 1. I got tired of it because I was always adding to my plug-in accessories. 2. A converted accessory wouldn't work in someone else's vehicle. 3. My first GPS had the step down circuitry from 12v to 5v in the plug, you couldn't cut it off.

The Talon's cig plug is key controlled, every time I stop, the GPS shuts off so I needed an always hot cig plug. When I got the replacement socket, it was so loose that the small spring in the end of plug would push it out, losing contact almost immediately. :( (no matter how I rotated the plug, there was no secure position)

This is what I came up with and although it looks like a 7 year old made it, 🤫 it works pretty well and I can plug/unplug it with one hand. It's far enough forward that it's water protected by the dash but not so far under that it's hard to reach. It's almost a foot in front of the passenger's knee (which I'll rarely have) so shouldn't be (too) dangerous. The circuit is controlled by a toggle switch so I can shut it off if necessary, like when washing.

Studs clamped for welding -
View attachment 211269

View attachment 211274

View attachment 211271

I'll probably have to make more of these depending on each cig plug, but it's just for the GPS for now. I always round my corners - 1. I won't gouge myself on them later. 2. It looks much better and only takes a minute on the bench grinder.

Another non Talon project -
View attachment 211413

Nylock nuts hold their position and are infinitely adjustable (and why the studs are a bit long).
View attachment 211272

View attachment 211273
I hooked my plug up to my 8 gang auxbeam so I could power it with the key off . Hard to explain but my auxbeam comes on with my key but I have a over ride with a switch to power it with key off , I had to use a diode to keep power from back feeding and powering up the ecu .


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Oct 27, 2019
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I've wondered what the actual tip angle is for the Talon R compared to the listed tilt table number of 37.3*. For the same reason that I ran it until it quit, wondering how far I could go on a full tank (with the plastic tube removed from the tank filler neck) -173 miles (8.75 gallons). That number is almost useless - I get from 7.9 mpg to almost 20 mpg, depending entirely on what I've ridden that day.

Short version - this needs to be done with two winches which will eliminate the weight of the come-along and chain (in this case). I'll do that first chance I get.

Speaking of useless numbers - this is the static tilt angle under perfect conditions. But when we're riding everything is dynamic, don't push yer luck.

The initial set up. I thought I needed the chain but didn't, should have unhooked it, but didn't. Its weight distorted the results.

Max tilt, chain and come-along hanging from the 'loose side' -

Winchin' provided by @WillyBill and his lovely Mrs. :cool:

Weight of chain and come-along affecting tilt limits - (again at max) -

At 10-1/2 lbs. rear and 9-1/2 front, the tires never rolled enough for the rims to touch.

We saw 54* but didn't get that photo - 😒 Bottom line, it takes way more angle than you'd think to put a Talon on its side.

Three friends all saw 35*, I'll try harder next time. :p
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