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  1. N

    P1000 2021 1000-5 Double Din In-Dash

    Has anyone installed a double din stereo in the dash? Just looking for ideas on a mounting location or custom mounting bracket.
  2. Dubfab

    P1000 Stereo install -??

    So here goes it Bought these items below mtx speakers and amp. Along with the Boss MGR450B Marine Radio headunit in the pictures. As I looked for wiring diagrams I was having second thoughts on getting this. It’s been years since I hooked up a stereo. My plan Install the speakers rear or mid...
  3. 20200819_210817.jpg


  4. 20200818_201639.jpg


    Matrix Sound System - Load and Crisp Sound
  5. mystic1219

    Multi NOAM NUTV-5 Stereo Install (with pics and sound)

    I wanted to share a few pictures and my thoughts on this sound system. To be upfront, I sell these at a hobby level along with my custom switch panels (examples here- Switch Panels (ALL) ) but in my honest opinion, they are very well put together systems. They couldn't be much easier to...
  6. skybound2000

    Talon Honda Talon OEM Audio System by SSV Works™: Install & Review! 1000X / 1000X-4 / 1000R

    Just wrapped this one up!
  7. J

    P1000 Do I need diodes?

    Hello, I bought a P1000-5 about one month ago. I love the machine. I have been enjoying getting it setup for my needs. I recently added an isolator and aux battery. Currently the aux battery powers a stereo but I will add more accessories in the future. I have installed dual battery systems...
  8. clifforeilly


    Anyone with the Swamp Donkey Stereo ? What do you think ?
  9. Wes24

    P1000 Ssv works stereo

    very well built, sturdy, has VERY bright dome light, bluetooth, loud as hell. One slight complaint would be not a lot of bass. I’m not a huge bass fan, but sometimes I wanna feel a slight punch. This is more ideal for anything not hip hop/rap. Overall I’m very pleased. Easy to install as well...
  10. dnjones161

    Multi Bluetooth Radio Set-up: Under $50

    Just wanted to share a cheap idea that's worked out well for some cruising tunes. Not the FANCIEST speaker system in the world, but the price is right and it can be taken with me when I go fairly easily. A couple of years ago I had purchased this Bluetooth speaker from Amazon and really liked...
  11. G

    P700 Wiring a speaker bar

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Honda Pioneer 700. The bike came with a speaker bar mounted and wired but it is hard wired to the battery. Which means I don't have any way to turn it off with the key unless I take the wire off the battery, or it stays on and the battery dies. Has anybody else...
  12. Duckiller

    P500 Boss Rebel Sound System Upgrade

    OK, finally finished. Here are some pictures of adding a 6 1/2 speaker to my existing Boss Rebel bluetooth system. It was actually pretty easy and rounds out the sound really well. To the existing system I added: -SSL Monoblock 200 watt amp -Boss 200 watt 6 1/2" marine speaker -Custom...
  13. J

    P1000 Wetsounds 6 UltraHD

    Would anyone share how they mounted the Wetsounds 6 in their 1000-5. What type of clamp to attach to the 44mm ROPS, and how you wrapped the wires.
  14. CumminsPusher

    P1000 Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    CumminsPusher submitted a new Garage Item: CumminsPusher-The new ride Read more about this showcase item here...
  15. Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    P1000m5 Cumminspusher-the New Ride

    Everyone it's done the wait is over. Our do over has started. ITS HERE:) Thank you to everyone for putting up with me lately and again thanks for all the support you have no idea what it means to my family.Ill never forget this.Itll be a long process of rebuilding the ultimate woods machine for...

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