1. ARDilbert

    P1000 Pioneer 1000-5 Trail Edition and Talon Tires and Wheels

    Had a buddy gift me a set of factory Talon wheels and tires due to upgrading the ones on his Talon. I searched the forums and saw where a few Pioneer owners said that they would work without a lift kit or spaces. Thought I would give it a try since I’ve been wanting to gain a few inches in...
  2. UploadAdventure

    P1000 Tire size question on OEM Steel wheels (maybe again? Point me in the right direction)

    Hello all I’ve done quite a bit of searching here and while I’ve found some info, nothing truly specific to what I’m needing answered. I have on my 2020 1000-5 Pioneer the oem steel wheels. Fronts 27x9x12 Rear 27x11x12 Now, I understand some have put 28x10’s on these rims, and don’t rub But...
  3. Doogle

    Why use 15" wheels instead of 14" wheels?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages for each? My thinking says a smaller wheel with the same height tire gives more road impact absorption. Tires are a shock for the shocks. A huge tire with low air pressure can drive over rail road tracks and not even feel it. Another thought is what...
  4. B

    P700 Stock rims biggest tires

    Hello all, 2020- 700-4 deluxe owner 800kms stock tires been wanting bigger tires as the trail I ride is full of rocks. And scrape time to time. I tore my side wall today, and now need a new tire, so mise well upgrade to the largest sizes I can can you please tell me the biggest tires I can...
  5. B

    Talon r rallycross/ shortcouse tire setup

    What tires should be good for me to run rallycross mostly roadbasr material some hard clay and asphault. I seen some people running all terrain dot tires and others running hoosier m500 I believe. I have stock tires and they give out to much on turns, do to soft walls and lack of rubber on the...
  6. Nathanp500

    P500 Zero problems in over 2280 miles

    Bought my 2017 Pioneer 500 in February with 115 miles on it. Now 8 months later I have over 2280 miles and 163 hours on it with mostly highway miles. Only normal maintenance like oil changes, adjusting clutch, and cleaning air filter. Just did a coolant change and put new tires on the front. The...
  7. Dave_H

    P1000 2021 p1000-5 deluxe wheels and 27” tires **SOLD**

    Only 1 mile on these as close to brand new as you can get. It had one mile on the unit when I bought it, went from trailer to garage, then I pulled them off. Still have the little buns on them. Maxxis big horn 2.0’s on factory deluxe 14” wheels. I’m not sure if they fit other machines. I live...
  8. Ketch

    P500 520 with 500 accessories

    I am picking up a 520 next week. There are Couple left at a dealership in Dallas. In looking at accessories for upgrades (namely tires, skid protection) does anybody know if the 520 is different than the 500 (excluding the obvious) or are the subtle differences that will not allow the 520 to...
  9. Longrod88302

    P1000 19 p1K-5 LE build!!

    So finally getting going on this thing! Thanks to all the information and direction from you guys on here!! So I’ll be uploading pics and maybe a vid or two on the progress. So it’s a 19 p1k-5 LE. So far I’ve already got the 4500lb winch mounted up with a rocker switch on the dash just left of...
  10. D

    P700 M1 Evil

    New here and fairly new to the sxs world. I have a 2020 700-4 Deluxe. I just ordered new tires and went with AMS M1 Evils. The dealer knows what I have and I wanted to go up to 26 inch tires so he said I’ll get them ordered and I left. I was curious so I just looked on the AMS website and the 26...
  11. Longrod88302

    P1000 Pioneer 1000 tires/wheels/lifts? Boggers?

    First pioneer and it a 1000 LE. I was wanting to run 30s but from browsing through here I’m getting mixed reviews and not feeling confident about it.. so I’m considering going 28x10s it’s currently got 14s but like the look of more sidewall. Don’t want to go with a tractor tire but was...
  12. D

    P700 29.5” Outlaw 3s

    Hello everyone, I bought a 2020 Pioneer 700-4 about 2 months ago. It has 14 inch wheels and 26 inch tires. Everything else is stock. I’m looking for any help to figure out what I have to do to get 29.5” outlaw 3s to fit with no rubbing. Thanks in advance.
  13. 2018GMC

    Pioneer LE Wheels - WANTED - AZ

    If anyone in Arizona wants to sell their Honda Pioneer 1000-3 1000-5 Limited LE model wheels and tires, send me a PM or reply to this thread.
  14. Cuoutdoors

    P1000 28 inch tires on 12 inch Beadlock

    Well Folks, While I have enjoyed being known world wide as the "truck tire guy" I've decided to take a little side venture in hopes of improving mine, and my wife's, trail riding experience. The LT or Truck tires have been great! They have done everything I've needed them to do and they have...
  15. Mudder

    Costco selling utv tires now?

    Got this in mail today.
  16. S

    P700 Got some new shoes!!!

    Ordered new tires (zillas) the other day and finally got the chance to mount them up. 2019 pioneer deluxe on stock deluxe wheels. 27x9’s our front 27x11s out back. Fitment is great fronts stick out a smidge past the fender. No power loss to report power steering handles them just fine. Also on...
  17. scottp500

    Stock wheels and tires

    Stock wheels an tires off a 2015 P500. 100 bucks firm for all four. Central Indiana. will not ship.
  18. PistolPeteSTL

    P500 Moose 587X wheels with Bearclaws

    I just picked up my first side by side, a Honda Pioneer 500. My girlfriend wanted to contribute and heard me mentioning I was going to put larger tires on it- so she got some! The only stipulation was she got to pick what they were. Her favorite wheels ended up being Moose 587X in glossy red...
  19. PistolPeteSTL

    P500 14x7" wheels all around?

    Good day! I am going to pick up a P500 in the next couple weeks and am researching tires and wheels. My sweetie likes a little bling, so we have decided on 14" wheels. Will there be any issue with running 14x7" front and rear rather than the recommended staggered setup of 14x7 front and 14x8...
  20. mjs6789

    P1000 Recommendation - Best tire for dirt trails w/sharp rocks

    So some of the guys here convinced me buy the Pioneer 1000-5 LE for my family. Thanks for the push! Now, I want a bigger set of really good tires installed before I take delivery. My area is NWA (Northwest Arkansas) home of dirt trails and lots of sharp rocks. Some mud but mostly just drive...