P500 Ripsaws are perfect.


Oct 1, 2017
tupelo, ms

  1. 1000-5
Both of the P500s in our group are running Ripsaw 27x9x14 tires on 14x7 wheels with 4x110 and 5+2 spacing. After watching both units preform over 2 weekends in dry and wet North Alabama conditions, I am convinced this is the perfect tire setup and size. The steering is a little heavy when stopped but perfect when moving. Mud ability is high. Tires clean out great. No rubbing when on technicall trails. Good ground clearance. There may be other tires that preform great also. But I would buy these again and recommend them. The P500 has enough power to keep these spinning and cleaning in the mud. Even sticking clay type. The tire does not hold the engine back. On road stability is very good even with the sway bar removed. Just throw that away. You don’t need it on a 40 mph machine. No stability issues. Ride is also better than stock says my friend who owns the other 500. I ordered ours with these tires so I can’t confirm that. What I like about these tires is on wet slick rock they fight side slipping. You have high camber grip and the ability to go in mud. The pure mud tires that have been in our group have pulled great in mud but side slip on wet rock in high camber. I am on stock bighorns on the 1000 and love them as well. I am still trying to see if one tire is outperforming the other. But so far I can’t tell the difference in the ripsaws and the bighorns.

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