P1000m5 Walker Evans Review - Honda Pioneer 1000 test run!



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Sep 23, 2013
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Talon X
Wierd? How so. Many off road vehicles use limit straps...from crawlers to race trucks. It affords them longer travel. Greater travel is a bonus for a short travel machine like ours.

Limit Straps: Why Your 4x4 Suspension Will Benefit
Good information. I have 814 with limit straps but didnt know all that. Some good points that seem to make sense. I just added them because I was told I needed to since the shocks provided more travel than the CV's could handle without them


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Apr 4, 2018
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Finally received my package from @WalkerEvansRacing. Upon opening it I was excited to finally get them and eager to get them installed and put to the test. I have never run a set of aftermarket shocks in all my years of owning a dozen ATV's, a Pioneer 700, and now the Pioneer 1000. I just didn't think changing out the shocks could make a worthy difference. Man, was I wrong.
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The Pioneer 1000 came with a slightly better set of shocks than its 700 brother. Though it was an improvement it still was not enough to eliminate the hard bottoming out most of us have felt when hitting a hard bump. The "thump" you hear and feel is not a pleasant feeling and honestly, you expected better from a $17k rig.

Enter Walker Evans Racing to deliver a solution!
After a fairly straight forward installation, it was off to Carolina Adventure World to give them a few days of testing. First off we noticed a slightly improved stance. Breaking out our measure we found about an inch improvement over factory.
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Finally, we arrived, unloaded and straight to the speed track for a few loops. The Pioneer 1000, armed with the Walker Evans Shocks was AWESOME! Though the track was fairly smooth it handled amazingly around each turn. The ride and braking around each turn was super smooth. I could already tell the rest of the weekend was going to be "thump" free.

After a few hours of trail riding, we headed back for lunch and to pick up a buddy. But before we could I had to get some rounds on the Enduro Cross track. Here I just knew I would be able to find the bottom of the shocks and after a few warm up laps I was ready. Tried my best to push it but my lack of familiarity was holding me back. Even still, I was sure the bottom was there to be found. But... No. The shocks worked great soaking up each bump along the way.

After lunch, we hit the trail hoping the wind would cut the heat. Overall speed seem to work as it was cooler cruising along then sitting still. After some time I ran across a nice jump. Hit it hard to see if I could find a bottom. NOPE! after I landed, I said to myself, WOW. That was a smooth landing, lets do that again. So we did. Someone decided to get creative with the camera. lol. But did a great job catching the landing.

Later that day we headed to the rock crawl section which is always a blast. Both the 1000 and the 700 tackled it with ease. The Walker Evans shocks did a great job helping flex over the rocks. I have to say I am totally impressed.

Overall I was very impressed with these shocks. Though I tried my best, I could not find bottom like the factory shocks did. The felt great the whole weekend and recommend them to anyone looking to improve the suspension of there Pioneer 1000!
That was pretty impressive footage. Looked like the ride was pretty good also.


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Sep 29, 2017

Has anyone run the WE shocks with a bracket lift like HL? I am still torn on what shocks to run, I don't really need to have all the adjustments I just want something better than stock. Maybe I am thinking too much it is just a lot of money, and I need something to work with my current set up, SATV arms front and rear with the HL kit.

WE is $1600
Fox is $14-1500
Elka stage 1 is $1200
stage 2 is $1300
Stage 3 front and stage 2 rear is $1600
Viking 814 is $1200?


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Apr 28, 2019

What spanner wrenches are you guys using for your Walker Evans?

I've searched all over the place and can't find a "set" for these shocks (the Pin Style spanner for preload nut + spanner for the lock ring). I'm sure I'll just have to buy two different ones, but I was hoping clarify which ones fit properly. So many of my searches all end up saying for Polaris XP's, but when I look at their shocks, they're a different build style...just hoping to confirm before I order a set. Thanks!

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