1. ARDilbert

    Pioneer 1000-5 Doors/Windows/Snorkel

    New to the HondaSXS world. Just purchased a 2022 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 Trail Edition. Had the ArmourTech cab, front and rear windows, and doors factory installed. Also waiting on rear top and extra battery to come in. I had an issue with the i4wd warning light within the first 5 hours of use...
  2. A

    Vent lines check valves - SuperATV depth Finder Snorkel Kit

    Hello, I have a question regading a snorkel kit I just bought. I see it comes with check valves for all the vent lines for my Talon. I have read that usually gas tank and diffs need both directions to prevent vacuum and blow seals. anyone using this setup? Also their pioneer kit comes with...
  3. Steve00


    Do I need a Snorkel? I dont play much in deep water or mud so do i need a snorkel and is there ANY benefits other than mud/water?
  4. R

    P700 Warrior Snorkel Kit- Help with vent lines

    New to forum and sxs. Installed the snorkel kits to Honda pioneer 700 and 700-4 without any issues (700-4 was more involved and required some adaption). The pictures that came with the kit for the vent lines is really unreadable. Was hoping someone who already did this can give me some...
  5. JustinNixon

    P700 28 BKT’s?

    recently installed the 2.5” highlifter lift kit on my 700. No problems at all so far, I threw some 28” BKT AT171’s on there on some m12 diesel 14’s gave a lot of clearance. SYA snorkel, half windshield, boss speaker and all. Just missing a roof because I’m thinking about getting the hump on the...
  6. RTM1500

    P500 Venting water pump ? Need insight

    Hey guys hope y’all would chime in on this subject. I am in the process of snorkeling my machine and extending vent lines/fuel/diff/etc.. I live in Florida a lot of my riding consist of sandy trails with lots of swamps and various water obstacles. I never search for mud or stay in it for long...
  7. C

    P500 More bottom end power

    So last week I got into a little swamp and filled her full of water, After a week of cleaning and drying out, I snorkeled the P5 and ran all the lines into the cage. This weekend we went for an 80km run and I found it had more bottom end power but seemed to struggle on higher speed/power. I did...
  8. S

    P1000 How deep can I go stock?

    I have a 2016 1000-5 deluxe that’s basically stock mechanically. How deep can I drive into water at a slow speed without worrying?
  9. RedFred1

    P1000m3 Haunted Pioneer - The General

    After seeing other graphics on people's pioneers I contacted Walter at UTV graphics to do some for me. I have always been a fan of The Haunted Tank comics and the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard so I decided a mashup of the two would look great on my orange pioneer. These are Walters mock...
  10. D

    P1000 Snorkel help

    Ok people I'm snorkelling my mule . What is the best way to run the rear differential vent line? Seems like everywhere I go I'm getting pinched or it is on the heat shields.
  11. Junyer82

    P500 Deep water problems/exhaust

    2017 P500 snorkeled everything. Dielectric greased everything. So here's the problem. On 2 separate occasions I've gotten in deep enough water that my exhaust has been underwater and it has died. I've been in this deep more than twice but it has only died twice. On both occasions I went in the...
  12. T

    P1000m5 ISO Door Side Enclosure and Snorkel

    Hello, I have a 2016 1000-5 and am in search of side doors for the front seat and possibly the back seats. I am also insearch of a snorkel kit that will work with my windshield that pivots open. Please let me know if anyone is selling their used parts or if there are any cheap deals on new...
  13. jay_man81

    Project Going Deep. Pioneer 500 Snorkel and Vent Line Extending

    Here are all the vids for snorkeling and extending the vent lines of the P5 that will allow you to traverse deep water and mud holes without having to worry about destroying your machine as easily. Feel free to message me with any question you have on the process, or if I missed something...
  14. jay_man81

    P500 Snorkeling and Vent Line Extending

    If anyone is interested as to what all is involved with building a snorkel, extending the vent line, and making the P5 deep water ready in general, head over to the Appalachian Mountain Riders section of the forum. I have detailed vids covering the whole process from start to finish. Well...
  15. NMSCAS

    P500 Video helped me make snorkel

    Thanks to this video I was able to make 2 snorkels for my son and his friends p500. You can see my pictures and video here. I still need to seal the air box door with silicone and snorkel the vent lines.
  16. sharp

    P1000 Snorkel trick

    I think some members have done the same thing but I haven't seen a post in a while. This might help newer guys/girls. This is the @joeymt33 style snorkel.
  17. AKRider

    P1000 Vent Bellows Issues?

    I saw on the Honda Pioneer 1000 Riders FB page that the bellows that HighLifter provides in their snorkel kit aren't up to specs and that HL is replacing them with 10ft. of tubing. I was also saw people suggesting to only put a good quality bellows on the front and rear diff, fan motor, and...
  18. GlockMeister

    P1000m5 GlockMeisters P1K5 Build Continues

    Howdy everyone, this is the beginning of my probably very slow build,been slowly piecing it together since feb. here's what I've got so far... factory roof two piece hardcoat windshield soft rear panel home made insulation under seat Home made bug screen Custom overhead stereo gun rack Light...
  19. SuperYeti

    P700 New Custom Snorkel

    Well after my last trip, and tearing off my first try at a snorkel on the narrow trails around me, I decided I needed something a little more substantial, and tucked away inside away from the trails. I went and grabbed some 3" 1/16" wall pipe, and some 16ga steel, and started fabbing away...
  20. M


    Put a snorkel on over that past few days and ran all my vent lines, came out nice. Easy job, I'd post a picture if i could.

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