1. Nathanp500

    P500 Winch, windshield, light, and storage.

    Hi all! Added 3000 Viper winch, a windshield, lights for interior and storage in back. Mounted a large lockable box on back. Added rocker switches with voltage display for lights and usb charger. Used the winch 10 minutes after I installed it. Got stuck in my front yard when I got high centered...
  2. P

    Hand held wired winch remote

    I'm new to this forum and new to sxs as a whole- I live in the mountains of western PA and would like to add a winch to my new p700-4. Im looking to stay in the low-mid price range for a new winch ($200-250) because I'm not expecting much more use than a plow. Many of the winches in that range...
  3. A

    P700m4 Need Pioneer 700-4 Winch Wiring help

    Hey all and merry Christmas! I got a super winch for Christmas and need a little advice on wiring it up. It says to wire the red and blue from the winch into the brown wire from the Ignition by the fuse. I have no clue where this wire is, I’ve searched and searched and have no clue. Does anyone...
  4. tigerj

    P1000 Winch/Light/Design/Rocker Panel Switch Install

    Hi all! Can anyone point me to the member on here who makes the prefab rocker panel switch plates? sending 1000-5 in for the two recalls and while there would like them to install my winch and two cube lights that swivel on back bars. (Is there such a thing?) ideally I would like these to NOT...
  5. Cuoutdoors

    Montana Jacks Outpost

    I want to give a shout out to Montana Jacks. I have done a fair amount of business with them and they are always fantastic to work with. When you call, Scott (the owner) answers the phone and he's a great guy. They are a small shop in Montana but do a great deal of business with WARN and seems...
  6. M

    P1000 Winch install: Where to install the wired port

    I have the Warn VRX 45-S, everything is installed and tested, works great. However, As I am locking everything down, I need to decide where to install the external plug port for the wired Warn controller. I haven't seen any mention anywhere, so I am just tossing it out there....what is the best...
  7. tigerj

    P1000 New Winch Questions

    Hi All, Mechanically & Electrically Challenged here, opinions and guidance always desired: Was gifted a 4500 KFI Stealth Winch for Christmas for my new 2020 P1K5D 1. Do I need/should I purchase second battery & if so what is the forum's preference for P1K5D battery? 2. For the rocker switch...
  8. P

    P500 P500 winch mounts and winch

    Hi guys new to sxs world, currently baught a 2020 p500. Want a winch and curious on mount's and brand of winch? I live in colorado and do alot or 50 inch plus trails and love mud/snow riding. I am thinking or Champion, Badland/ harbor freight winch. Any help or advise would be greatly...
  9. JiminAZ

    P1000 Help me pick the right winch

    Black Friday Sales are coming. Would like to pull the trigger on this next week. 2019 1000-5 Deluxe. Want to stick with the factory bumper. Looking at Warn as the standard bearer - likely 4500#. Plan to use the synthetic rope. In Warn I can buy the standard model or the AXON. Wondering...
  10. makac132

    P500 Electrical winch protection

    Hi guys, did any of you installing winch bothered to protect it with a breaker and if yes what size? Thanx for taking the time to answer.
  11. JustinNixon

    P700 28 BKT’s?

    recently installed the 2.5” highlifter lift kit on my 700. No problems at all so far, I threw some 28” BKT AT171’s on there on some m12 diesel 14’s gave a lot of clearance. SYA snorkel, half windshield, boss speaker and all. Just missing a roof because I’m thinking about getting the hump on the...
  12. dnjones161

    Multi Winch Solenoids for Dummies

    So I dusted off the box for a Champion 3000lb winch I bought with a trailer about two years ago over the weekend. I decided its never gonna pull me out of anywhere in the box, so I'm gonna slap it on the Pioneer 1k. Before we start: I know if I was buying a new one I should go heavier, and I...
  13. Mudder

    Winch foot switch for plowing

    Came across these foot swiches for marine anchor/windlass up/down. Wonder if it would help for snow plow members? Maybe mount on board with disconnect plugs when not in use.
  14. Mudder

    Kolpin winch?

    Picked up this Kolpin 2500 synthetic rope winch on $85 clearance at Cabellas, maybe switch it out from HF 2500 currently on ATV. Any experience with Kolpin? Have 90 day return.
  15. J

    P1000 Aux battery help

    I am getting ready to install a 2nd battery and isolater. I know the most common setup is the odyssey battery and tru isolater. But why? What are the specs that you all are looking for that lead you to this setup.I am trying to gain a little knowledge as I have very little in this area. I would...
  16. Mudder

    P500 Call for winch wiring help??

    Been having PM with newer member @HP5NC about wiring winch, and suggesting a run of heavy guage wire to under hood/junction posts and using a switched circuit breaker near battery. He plans to add front light bar, etc later. Searched some old threads but wondering if someone has a simple line...
  17. RedFred1

    P1000m3 Haunted Pioneer - The General

    After seeing other graphics on people's pioneers I contacted Walter at UTV graphics to do some for me. I have always been a fan of The Haunted Tank comics and the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard so I decided a mashup of the two would look great on my orange pioneer. These are Walters mock...
  18. Iceguy31

    P700 Honda-Warn winch winding direction

    2017 P700. I installed the Honda-Warn winch using the Honda winch mount kit and have a question. The kit has you mount the winch reverse of how you would typically mount one (normal is motor on passenger side, Honda has you flip and put it on the driver side). This results in the cable coming...
  19. pit

    P1000 Let the mods begin....

    So I'm finally getting some time to start planning how exactly I'm going to start the hemorrhage of cash, I mean mods, and after lots of reading on here, the obvious first step is getting the 2nd battery in place. I've got 2 main questions to get some advice on before I get started: 1. I'm...
  20. Ragnar406

    New Winch Warn AXON

    I am sure some have seen the new WARN winch launch. I saw this pic on the dirt wheels magazine site and of course noticed how the winch was mounted... don't know that I recognize this bumper/ winch mount for the honda LInk Guess the photo could be photo shopped The winch looks neat and will...

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