1. J

    Oem Talon full windshield

    I recently purchased a gently used (65 miles) Talon X. It came with a Honda full poly vented windshield. I uninstalled it for a half windshield. It comes with all original hardware and can quickly be removed when not needed. Item is located in central Arkansas and am willing to meet within an...
  2. bwetzel

    P1000 SuperATV Windshield/Roof/Rear

    After lots of reading posts on the forum and talking with sales rep at SATV, I pulled the trigger on flip up windshield/clear roof/back windshield to replace OEM one-piece poly windshield and soft top/back. I had installed Siezmik vents in my current windshield to see if I could increase airflow...
  3. sarge160

    SuperATV Flip Up Windshield is concave

    I've been on site many times but have been remiss in saying hello. Have gain a lot of ideas for my new toy so thanks to all for posting. Received and installed my new SuperATV flip up windshield on my 2017 Pioneer 700 4 on Tuesday. It was beautiful until I noticed that the windshield wasn't...
  4. C

    Talon Honda OEM Glass Windshield (Talon X4)

    Not sure if its just cause I am new or lost on this site at the moment. Lots of great information, but not sure if this has been posted yet. I have a Talon X4.. and got the OEM glass windshield and wiper kit. I cannot seem to find anything solid on the installation of the wiper kit with the...
  5. clifforeilly

  6. Moses

    Talon BCF Honda VR2 Sport Cages Available for pre order!

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  7. S

    P700 SATV windshield Honda oem roof

    Anybody have a oem roof and SATV flip windshield have issues with the windshield when opened hitting the teardrop portion of the roof?? Wondering if anybody has this issue and has found a resolution besides cutting the roof. Not really a big deal to not be able to open it all the way up but...
  8. S

    P700 Which windshield type do y’all prefer?

    Thinking about adding a windshield. Right now my main goal is to keep bugs and seeds out of my little girls eyes when we ride, but want to consider everything before I just throw on the first cheapest thing I find and it ends up not working for what I want a little while later. Besides half...
  9. Chris907

    P1000 homemade tilt out windshield???

    a while back, someone posted a mod, making the stock Honda glass windshield into a tilt out windshield. Can anyone give me that link/thread? I have used the search feature and couldn't find it. Thanks very much!
  10. S

    P700 satv v oem Honda windshield

    SATV or OEM Honda windshield, which one is better? Any pros and cons for either or long term reviews for either? Looking at the anti scratch type.
  11. T

    Talon Dust vacuum with a windshield?

    I have a 2016 Pioneer 1000-5, and the ONE thing I really hate is the dust vacuum with the windshield on. Have to take it off in the summer just so I can breathe. Absolutely hate wearing goggles and dealing with bugs in my face. Haven't seen anything on this topic with the Talon yet. Looking...
  12. R

    P500 Roof and windshield

    First of all, thanks to everyone on this forum. I just bought a P-500 and appreciate all the information I found here that helped me make my decision. Now I am looking at a windshield and hardtop. I have found several windshields online that fold or flip up to allow air circulation on hot...
  13. L

    P1000 Power Wiper

    I am thinking of doing this at a later date but wanted to share if anyone is looking for a power wiper option. $35 DIY Windshield Wiper Install - Polaris General 1000 Forum
  14. RTM1500

    P500 Homemade windshield vs aftermarket ?

    Hey there , Debating on a aftermarket windshield or a homemade lexan with rubber mounts windshield. Has anyone out there done a homemade lexan or similar type material for a windshield ? If not what is the best windshield for the P5 where riding is mostly warm climate and dust will be an...
  15. DAIII

    P700m2 FS - Honda OEM Half Windscreen *reduced*

    I have a HONDA OEM half poly optical windscreen- rig has 4 miles on it. 125.00 shipped UPS. Any one interested? Getting a full poly to keep some snow off my face. From my 2018 Honda Pioneer delx Will ship with the OEM box that my new FULL poly windscreen comes in. Thank you!
  16. O

    Multi Hunting tips with your Pioneer

    Made another nature trip to Montana, but only got to watch elk. Couldn't get a shot. Weather wasn't the best. We had everything from heavy rain to blizzard conditions, but little actual snow. Anyway, couple things I've learned over the years with my P500: Bring a cover with you. It will attract...
  17. UTTrailBlazer

    P1000 Rogue Powersports

    I see no threads about this cool wind-screen. Looks great to me! Anyone with experience, to share a review? UTV Windscreens by Rogue Powersports
  18. T

    P1000 Honda 2-Piece Poly Windscreen (Hard Coat)

    Selling my Honda 2 piece windshield off my 1000-5. I bought the machine in April 2017 and it has about 300 hours on it. Windshield has some light scratches (have to look hard to see them) and one fairly deep scratch on the drivers side (knuckleheads that installed it at the dealership did...
  19. UKNB

    P1000m5 2 Piece Hard Coat and 2 Piece Poly-carbonate Windshield

    How can I tell the difference between the 2 piece Hard Coat and the 2 piece Polycarbonate windshield after it has been installed? Is it obvious?
  20. Ragnar406

    P1000 Honda 2 piece windshield - in summer /warmer weather

    Who has the Honda 2 piece windshield and takes off their top portion in the summer? How does that work for you getting more air ? I know having it cracked open gets a breeze - a little more breeze coming through but I am thinking that I am going to take the top portion off this summer and try...

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