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May 22, 2019
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Talon X
As most of you know, we've been testing springs for Ted over at Bandit UTV Suspensions pretty much ever since we got the Talon. Their tender springs really helped the X ride a ton better but they are putting together full spring kits now and asked us to help dial in spring rates for their heavy kit. We've been experimenting with different springs for the past couple of months and I think we have hit on a great combination for those of us with aftermarket cages, big coolers, winches, 2nd batteries and the like. Much more plush overall. The rear seems to always be the problem but now the rear reacts much like the front. Ride quality greatly improved without sacrificing ground clearance. For us, this spring kit works perfectly without the sway bar also. Ted will have the heavy kit up on their site as soon as he has inventory. Very grateful to have been a part of figuring this all out. Have learned a ton.

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Ordered mine yesterday!!
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