1. M

    P1000 2022 Pioneer 1000-5 Roof Wanted

    Las Vegas, Nevada - 2022 Pioneer 1000-5 owner looking for a roof. If you have a roof, Aluminum, HDPE, OEM and are willing to sell, trade, gamble or barter for, please respond, or email me.
  2. tonyspioneer

    P1000m5 Used hard roof and middle roll bar for sale

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5 OEM middle roll bar and hard roof for sale. Both are in great shape other than some scratches from tipping over(slow tip over not a roll over). Structurally sound and no bends or kinks. Tipped on the first drive and replaced them with new ones since. These only saw one...
  3. U

    New 1000-5 Deluxe, need some direction

    Hey guys new member and Pioneer 1000-5 owner here from Spanish Fork, Utah. After a couple of years of wanting to make the switch I finally sold my Viking 700 and ordered a new Pioneer 1000-5 deluxe in white. I've always loved Honda everything and this machine already feels like such an upgrade...
  4. L

    P700 700-4 DIY Roofs & Sunshades

    Wanted to ask the forums what DIY roof's they've made for their 700-4's since the geometry makes for some interesting challenges without paying several hundred dollars for custom molded plastic. I'll start with my own, which is a custom sized 53" x 66" Heavy Duty Vinyl Mesh with grommets every...
  5. P

    Rear Panel & Roof Help

    We bought the SuperATV 801 windshield for our 2020 pioneer 1000-3. What’s the best rear panel and roof to go along with it? Having trouble finding a rear panel and roof, everywhere we look it doesn’t show it fitting a 2020. Thanks I’m advance
  6. A

    P1000 2020 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I am looking into fully enclosed canvas doors and roof. I would like the hard enclosure but its a little out of my budget. I was wanting to know if anyone has the canvas enclosure, and how it does when it rains. Do they keep all the rain water out or do they leak through at all? Or do they...
  7. Rednick69

    P700 SuperATV flip up windshield and Koplin Polyethylene Hard top

    I only made this post because I've seen where others have had issues with the SATV flip up windshields rubbing on some roofs. I couldn't really find any information on what roof to buy that didn't rub. I've seen where people have modified their roofs with something soft so it doesn't scratch the...
  8. bwetzel

    P1000 SuperATV Windshield/Roof/Rear

    After lots of reading posts on the forum and talking with sales rep at SATV, I pulled the trigger on flip up windshield/clear roof/back windshield to replace OEM one-piece poly windshield and soft top/back. I had installed Siezmik vents in my current windshield to see if I could increase airflow...
  9. W

    P1000 DragonFire canvas softTop

    Anyone have experience with the DragonFire canvas softTop for the 1000-5? I have 2.5 inches of clearance above my cage to get it into an enclosed trailer so the OEM hardTop and many others are "too tall." Does the DragonFire (1) stretch almost directly on top of roll cage, (2) keep water out...
  10. ABischoff

    P1000 Pioneer 1000-3 Hardtop with 1000-5 ROPS

    I am looking to remove the rear cage on my 1000-5 to help (in my opinion) clean up the look a little bit. I use my machine for more utility than anything so I rarely need the rear cage. I would like to run a hard top roof but, for the reason above, I do not want to buy a 1000-5 hardtop. My...
  11. Moses

    Talon Honda Talon Vr2 Sport Cages Available for pre order

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  12. Moses

    Talon BCF Honda VR2 Sport Cages Available for pre order!

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  13. S

    P700 SATV windshield Honda oem roof

    Anybody have a oem roof and SATV flip windshield have issues with the windshield when opened hitting the teardrop portion of the roof?? Wondering if anybody has this issue and has found a resolution besides cutting the roof. Not really a big deal to not be able to open it all the way up but...
  14. HaggyGP

    P500 Honda Pioneer 500 Canvas Roof/Rear Panel & Tip Out Windscreen

    Dealership brought in a canvas roof/rear panel for me... the catch... limited to the tip out wind screen. I am actually very satisfied with this combination. It is very warm inside, you feel warm gusts hitting your face, and the beauty of this is wear the back rest meets the seat all along...
  15. clifforeilly

    P1000 Roof build DIY

    The start of my cheap ass roof build .[/ATTACH] [/ATTACH]
  16. Mudder

    P500 MTX Overhead Audio Pod fits!

    Clearance priced MTX radio pod fits better than expected on P500. Single supplied bracket clamps the front ROPS, using supplied rubber pads between ROPS and OEM roof. No DIY brackets needed, but did shift the center OEM roof bracket so the radio would be centered. Removed old worn out radio...
  17. H

    Bimini Top

    I bought a OEM Honda Bimini Top for my Honda Pioneer 1000-5. The instructions say that this top should not be in place while trailering. I decided to try this top and trailered my SXS for a ride. I noticed a small hole in the top where one of the rods rubbed through (See Pics). My wife, being...
  18. 1rooster

    Custom 700-4 cage and roof

    GO TO PAGE TWO FOR 2.0 update I got a custom built cage and flush mount roof for sale. I got a good friend that is an engineer that build it at his machine shop so it is built well. I'm selling this one so we can start building a new one with a few minor changes so they can start producing...
  19. Mdtfc

    P1000 Quadboss slim hard roof??

    Anyone running this roof? I like the low profile design. Quadboss Hard Slim Roof Top For Honda Pioneer 1000 3 Seat 16-17 V000012-11056Q
  20. Tropicalfruitfarm

    P1000 Making a water tight seal in roof---how did you do it?

    Installing light bar on top of roof. Going to drill hole through roof to run cable on inside. Anyone else do this? If so, how did you seal, "watertight" the hole? Thank you.

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