1. B

    Talon Dealer says "No more Honda Talon Production in 2020" ...Really?

    I've been in the market for a Talon R for the few weeks. I'm not in any real rush, looking all over the country for the best possible deal I could find. -- I've contacted about a dozen dealerships but only received a response from a few. Mainly from dealers trying to up-charge the talon due to...
  2. S

    Honda Talon R 4WD light flashing

    Hi hows it going! I am a new member here and I wanted to see if anyone has had this issue before. This is my first honda SxS. I bought it used from a tour guide place and it has been running great. The machine has about 1200 miles on it and hasnt had any issues yet. I was out at Sand Hollow...
  3. PaulF

    Available: Modified Talon Shift Gate to Help with Low Engagement Issues!!!

    Some of you have had issues engaging Low Range or staying in Low and getting the dreaded "BANG!". It happened to me last fall so I designed a Modified Shift Gate to help alleviate the problem and 3D printed a limited number of them. So far, the reports are excellent and the demand was getting...
  4. highpocket74

    Honda Talon R2C Air Filter Kit at 10-80 Dirt Sports

    Guys, i just signed up my small company, 10-80 Dirt Sports, as a supporting vendor. My company started with selling R2C filters locally and online. I’ve sold a bunch of these filters for different makes and have used them myself for several years on RZR 800, ACE 900, and RZR S1000 with no...
  5. nm6r

    Talon Gauge relocation & GPS

    I think I'm really going to like the Talon gauge relocation. It also gave me a perfect place to mount my gps. I use this waterproof gps on my street bike. It is glove friendly and has trails loaded. It only cost me $53 for the cradle so I'm not out much if I don't like it and want to go with a...
  6. B

    Talon Go ahead and laugh...

    ...but, where do you carry your fishing rod?
  7. B

    Talon One word.

    Went out on a thirty mile jaunt yesterday. First real test of my new machine (and of me!). Encountered nasty, loose rock climbs with elevation changes of a thousand feet or more and of course, back down, dust, sand, water and brush. I can describe the experience with one word...IMPRESSED!
  8. B

    Talon WOW! What a relief.

    I took delivery of a new Talon X about a month ago and because of circumstances, was not able to even test run it until today. Yesterday I installed the snorkel for cleaner air intake so today took it out in the dirt, rocks, and dust. During this last month I have been keeping up on all the...
  9. Moses

    Talon Honda Talon Vr2 Sport Cages Available for pre order

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  10. Moses

    Talon BCF Honda VR2 Sport Cages Available for pre order!

    HONDA TALON VR2 Sport Cage *************PRICE EXCLUDES SHIPPING AND POWDER COAT PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL PRIOR TO PURCHASE TO VERIFY LEAD TIMES.*************************** PRICE INCLUDES Cage (RAW) Bead rolled aluminum roof 1/4 turn Dzus fasteners Intrusion bars (optional) Grab handles...
  11. jrplaza2008

    Honda Talon wrap graphic designs

    ***$495*** For a limited time - get a full wrap for only $495 -Including custom design! ORDER HERE: HONORED of the privilege to customize this Honda Talon 1000R wrap dedicated to our customer’s years of service in...
  12. jrplaza2008

    Honda Talon American theme letters

    ***$29.95*** Limited time only! Honda Talon American theme letters. Here is the link: Honda Talon American Logos Kit This kit include the letters "HONDA" for the tailgate and Side bottom doors. (Honda hood and 1000R / 1000X letters decals are included for FREE!) Set of 7 decals! Features...
  13. wheelSick

    Talon Front Aluminum Bumpers NIB

    Talon Aluminum Front Bumpers. 2 of them new in the box $300each. These are awesome, light weight & hold a winch. Location is N Colorado
  14. D

    Talon A few noises that have my attention

    I have 75 miles on my talon 1000r and have a few noises that im concerned about. 1st and most important is the clunk or pop caused by applying too much throttle after going into reverse. Even if u let is set for 3-4 seconds if you apply gas too fast it pops hard 2nd is a pop from what sounds...
  15. T

    Talon Dust vacuum with a windshield?

    I have a 2016 Pioneer 1000-5, and the ONE thing I really hate is the dust vacuum with the windshield on. Have to take it off in the summer just so I can breathe. Absolutely hate wearing goggles and dealing with bugs in my face. Haven't seen anything on this topic with the Talon yet. Looking...
  16. JSPEED

    Multi Which hard cooler you like and why?

    My Grizzly cooler got stolen last weekend. What cooler does everyone like and why?
  17. OldTruckie

    Talon Doesn't Fit :(

    Found a Talon "R" model. Loved the look but when I went to try it on, it doesn't fit, just as just about all other "sport" model SxS's. I'm 6'4" and my right knee hit right at the round plastic around the ignition key housing. Unless it had significant padding it would never work...
  18. Killer223

    Talon Whoops and the Cinders in Flagstaff AZ.

    went out for a few hours, hit some bumps. miles and miles of them. suspension needs some help. but all in all it's a good day.

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