pioneer 1000

  1. S

    P1000 Rough Country light bar kit

    honda-pioneer-10-inch-bumper-led-92001c.html Found this kit on RC website, their lights are high quality and this kit looks solid just wanted to pass along the info.
  2. CKaufmann

    P1000 Disappointed New Pioneer Owner

    Purchased a 2018 Pioneer 1000 5 about three weeks ago. Its been sitting in my garage ever since while I installed a roof, windshield and mounted a couple lights (haven’t wired anything at this point, just mounted them). Today was finally nice enough to get it out so I drove it on to my trailer...
  3. J

    P1000m5 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE For Sale...LOADED

    Immaculate condition. This is the Limited Edition model, seats up to 5 people and has dumpbed. The best money can buy and then I spared no expense when I added over $4000 of accessories and the 48 month Honda Extended warranty plan. 362 miles 31.5 hours 3-position Fox Clicker Shocks Full...
  4. K

    P1000 Could someone please tell me what a code is??

    My husband has been wrecking his brain over our p1k problem. It’s throwing code 16 (1 long blink, 6 short blinks) have talked to the mechanic at 2 different Honda places. Went again this morning once he figured out the code & was told they had a code book in the back. When they came back up said...
  5. O

    P1000 30” Tires No Lift?

    This may have been asked before but is anyone running 30’s on a stock pioneer 1000-3? No lift or anything at all. If so any problems?
  6. jay_man81

    Good News and Bad News!

    Good news! I'm starting to score dealer partnerships that will allow me to start doing more ATV/UTV reviews and I have enough of a following now that companies are agreeing more often to send me their products to install and review. Bad News! Winter is almost here and I need to get someplace...

    P1000 New P500 break in.

    Just bought my 13 year old son a P500. It’s a new 2017 that we ordered blue body panels for. I had just bought a P1000 for my 16 year old son who is Autistic. Everyone wanted to drive and I used the analogy of I only have 5 years left with him at home. So spend the money now. Any way this is the...
  8. redbank34

    Pioneer 1000 Light Bar Brackets

    These brackets allow you to easily mount a 50-54" Light Bar at the base of the windshield. Simply loosen the bolts that hold the roll cage together, slide these in and tighten everything back down! Doesn't get much easier than that! They're $35 Shipped to your door...will accept paypal...
  9. Ragnar406

    P1000 Hold my beer while I accessorize

    I have had my Honda since Thanksgiving and since that time I have been steadily acquiring accessories to add to it. This weekend is going to be cooler with rain so a perfect time to install.. I originally held off installing most because I was trying to plan out this phase. So this weekend I am...
  10. Whiskey1

    P1000 Whiskey gets wider....

    I've widened the Honda's in my life. Even in the early years, my Honda ATC 200s (whew, that was in 1985!) got a little fatter on the hubs. I like the width for better stability on slopes, and the ability to see the tires from the drivers position, a bit better. Today, Whiskey plumped out 1.25...
  11. Hondasxs

    P1000 Lug Pattern Confirmed - 4/136 with 12mm studs! has now officially confirmed the lug pattern for the new Honda Pioneer 1000. The new lug pattern is: 4/136 with 12mm studs @1.50" thread pitch. Why Honda chose this new pattern is a mystery to us. I'm sure they have there reasons. We can only guess the switch is in preparation...

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