pioneer 1000

  1. Brett002

    Talon & Pioneer 1000 Gear Reduction

    Just thought I'd throw this up on here. I watch mudpuppy videos all the time. If you haven't seen his channel, I'd suggest you check it out. He is very knowledgeable in all things Honda and if anybody should test these before we get our hands on them, it's him. He treats all his rigs like I...
  2. N

    Review for JEI Offroad Spare Tire Carrier

    Hi all, its been a while since I have been on. We got out a few times in New Hampshire this season and did some camping. One of our many projects this year was outfitting our pioneer 1000-5 to better carry our gear and increase our overall preparedness on the trail. After looking at a lot of...
  3. H

    2023 Honda Pioneer 1000-8

    Here's some more photos of the 8 seater that a few asked about. As well as a similar Pioneer 500 we built. Let me know what you think! Can also see quite a few on instagram or Facebook @vesselpowersports
  4. C

    P1000 Rough Country Shocks

    Has anyone bought and ran the Rough Country shocks for the Pioneer 1000’s?
  5. TTaylor

    Honda Pioneer 1000 Bed Mat

    I don't remember how this works, or if I am supposed to list anything for sale on this forum, but I have a Pioneer 700-4 and bought a bed mat for a 1000.... Oops.... wrong one. If anyone is interested in it, let me know. I am in Kansas City. Thanks!
  6. HolySmit

    P1000 Hard Cab choice for 2021 1k5 SE

    Anybody have any experience with the DTK hardcab system on a 1000-5? I’m trying to decide whether to go with the full DTK (Moose) Hardcab, or buy the Honda hard doors and rear panel to go with the poly windshield and roof that came with the SE. I‘m not a fan of the poly split windshield or roof...
  7. T

    P1000 Electrical Gremlin . . . with video--please help

    I recently washed my 2018 P-1000-5. Lightly washed the interior with spray nozzle, but not under the hood. When I started it after washing, I noticed a "slower" than normal start, almost like the battery was dying. But, I just thought this was water ingress somewhere and it would clear up...
  8. F

    P1000 Honda Pioneer 1000LE importance of Clutch Relearn

    hi all- new poster- I've got a 2018 1000LE. recently had the ECU replaced at the dealership due to constant overheating- upon receiving it back off transport i noticed a U on the dash. Called dealer- guy i spoke with said i had prob dropped LED's in dash , not to worry. headed off on big trip-...
  9. J

    P1000 Help! Noam NUTV5-S Quad system not working

    Long post but I really need suggestions! I'm at a loss so any help would be appreciated! Got my 2021 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 in March. Bought the $900 Noam system with the sub and 4 speakers. Worked fine the first few times we rode (it was colder out- around 40-50 degrees). Went to a riding event...
  10. K

    Highlifter A arms

    Hey. I have a 2020 Pioneer 1000-3 deluxe with the Fox QS3 shocks. I have a highlifter brack lift and would like to purchase the a arms. Anyone running this setup? Just wondering if they are compatible with the fox shocks. Appreciate any info and pics!
  11. Hogan175

    Pioneer 1000 Fox Shocks

    Rear Fox shocks installed. Fronts arrived today. Will post pics when I get them on.
  12. J

    P1000 DIY Vinyl Enclosure

    Cheap. Hobby Lobby 20 gauge clear vinyl - 40% off coupon - 5 yards - $35. Clamped it in place on top rail and cut slots for mirror, windshield clips, handle and latch. Anchored to front with slots around windshield and pressure from windshield. Wrapped the top around roll bar and used net bolts...
  13. A

    P1000 2020 Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe

    I am looking into fully enclosed canvas doors and roof. I would like the hard enclosure but its a little out of my budget. I was wanting to know if anyone has the canvas enclosure, and how it does when it rains. Do they keep all the rain water out or do they leak through at all? Or do they...
  14. Marc1991

    P1000 Bucket seats

    I have a 2016 Honda pioneer 3 seater. Wanting to replace the bench with some buckets. I’ve read that rzr seats will work, but does it matter what rzr seats? And how do you use the base to Mount it to where the existing Bench is?
  15. Longrod88302

    P1000 Pioneer 1000 tires/wheels/lifts? Boggers?

    First pioneer and it a 1000 LE. I was wanting to run 30s but from browsing through here I’m getting mixed reviews and not feeling confident about it.. so I’m considering going 28x10s it’s currently got 14s but like the look of more sidewall. Don’t want to go with a tractor tire but was...
  16. RobSparre

    New member - Chadds Ford, PA

    Greetings - I've been a member for a few weeks but never officially said hello and stumbled in here.... I have been enjoying the banter and the community! I just got a used 2020 P1K5 EPS with 34 miles on it and knew nothing about UTV before doing some research and forum lurking to see the skinny...
  17. S

    P1000 Rough Country light bar kit

    honda-pioneer-10-inch-bumper-led-92001c.html Found this kit on RC website, their lights are high quality and this kit looks solid just wanted to pass along the info.
  18. CKaufmann

    P1000 Disappointed New Pioneer Owner

    Purchased a 2018 Pioneer 1000 5 about three weeks ago. Its been sitting in my garage ever since while I installed a roof, windshield and mounted a couple lights (haven’t wired anything at this point, just mounted them). Today was finally nice enough to get it out so I drove it on to my trailer...
  19. J

    P1000m5 2017 Honda Pioneer 1000-5 LE For Sale...LOADED

    Immaculate condition. This is the Limited Edition model, seats up to 5 people and has dumpbed. The best money can buy and then I spared no expense when I added over $4000 of accessories and the 48 month Honda Extended warranty plan. 362 miles 31.5 hours 3-position Fox Clicker Shocks Full...
  20. K

    P1000 Could someone please tell me what a code is??

    My husband has been wrecking his brain over our p1k problem. It’s throwing code 16 (1 long blink, 6 short blinks) have talked to the mechanic at 2 different Honda places. Went again this morning once he figured out the code & was told they had a code book in the back. When they came back up said...

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